Jason: Tempting the Wicked

After I threw their bags in the trash, the one vamp turned to me and grabbed my collar. I tried to look nervous, making my grin waver, but truthfully I was restraining a laugh. She couldn't hurt me! Me, Jason Mohan? I wasn't vain, but I knew my powers. I could blast her half way across the room with a blink. Wanna mess with me pussy cat? How do you like lava baths hmm? I can arrange one.

I taunted her in my head as she craned her head around mine, whispering about me never doing it again.

"Righty ho!" I replied, creasing my forehead in worry and giving her a look that said "please don't hurt me!" . Damn I loved being a good actor and a wiccan. Total Win.

I sat back down, and saw the other vamp staring at the one who had just "beat me". The vamp was basking in the worship. I leaned forward again, this time to ask a question.

"Sorry," I said to the mean vamp, "but what is your name? All the ones I keep thinnking contain words like 'female dog'. Am I right?"

From the look on her face, I could tell she was getting p.o.ed. I loved tempting the wicked.

The End

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