Scarlett:One joke too far

"Hello ladies, How dy do? I'm Jason, care to move your big air heads so I could see the board?" I looked around at the intruder in to mine and Crimson's battle of the minds. He had a cheeky face, obviously a joker, but right now I wasn't in the mood.

"Oh deary me. Are those yours?"He clapped his hands  as we both turned to look at the trash can he was pointing at. "Well, you should get them. Wouldn't want to get any dirt on Louis now, would we?"

I watched as my bag fell in the can. Oh really? So now we have someone who can move objects? This was really becoming a talented class. All the same. I turned and looked at him, my eyes glowing. For a minute his eyes glazed over, but then the cheeky grin returned.

"No, sorry lady. That mind control won't work on me."

I hissed under my breath and sent the small petrified looking boy a row down to retrieve the bag. Then I reached behind me and grabbed the collar of the joking boy. He twisted as I pulled him over his desk until he was in front of me, and then was still as he tried to keep the grin fixed on his face as I glowered.

"Never again." I whispered, and then curled my head around as if I was going to bite him. "Do you hear me?"

"Righty ho!" It seemed he was just a joker, not one of those haunting ghosts. I saw Carmen behind him trying not to look impressed. It made me smirk.

I released him and settled back in my chair. And as I did, the professor walked through the blackboard.

"Damn ghosts" I muttered under my breath.

The End

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