Jason: Ah Mishchief, My Fickle Friend

I shoved my helmet and bag into my locker and ran to my first class. What was it . . . english? Really? At a supernatural school? I could picture my mom saying "you need to learn it in order to do well later in life, blah, blah, blah," Sure mom, whatever you say.

I ran into the class and grabbed a seat behind two very nice looking vamps who probobaly had no personality or brain. Great "make-fun-of" material.

"Hello ladies," I said, popping my head between what I could only figure was a power argument. "How dy do? I'm Jason, care to move your big air heads so I could see the board?"

Both girls looked at me, flames alighting in their eyes. I had both my hands behind my back and I flicked my right, making their purses hop off their chairs and dangle over the trash.

"Oh deary me. Are those yours?" I said, smiling mischieviously and pointing at the trash can with my left hand while dropping the purses with my right. I clapped my hands and sat back down in my seat. "Well, you should get them. Wouldn't want to get any dirt on Louis now, would we?"

The End

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