Soadon: German

Before you even ask, I am not from Germany, neither is anyone in my family. I'm sure you're all confused so I'll explain.

A German is Slavic legendary creature that's in control of rain and hail. Meaning I can make in rain, which can be both good and bad. On one hand, I help trees grow and crops be healthy. On another hand, I can also make droughts, downpours, hail and snow, which is fun, but people seem to find it negative.

Now that I've explained what I am, I'll move onto who I am. My name is Soadon, that's it, no last name, no middle name, just Soadon. I'm 16, my eyes are gold and my hair is light blue. I'm what this school considers to be a jock, I find that much kind of funny. I mean I'm strong and quite fast, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out I'm using weather to help me win.... oh wait, yes it does. Most people here don't even know what I am. I've heard rumors going around that I'm a wizard, and a few people think that I'm just a normal human. Neither is true, but nobody needs to know that.

My style? Three words, dark, rips, chains. In other words, I look like a badass. Many people in the school find me intimidating, but if you talk to me once, you'd know I'm too nice for that. One thing I never leave my bed without it my necklace. It's a lace with a model of the fire symbol hanging off of it. I may be a rain controller, but I like fire, it's peaceful. And now we go to narrator mode.

I got off of the stairs and started walking down the hallway on my way outside. I went down to the field and saw a bunch of people fighting on it. Smiling, I turned the hail on heavy and watched them run back inside. Then I turned it off, laughed, walked down to the field and started running. Rude? Of course not, it's my field and they were misusing it, if anything they had it coming.

The End

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