Roxy: Head down, walk on.

Head down, walk on, the good voice in my head says. I speed walk into my private study. My long crimson hair acting as a much needed shield against the gorming of students.

It's hard for a fourteen year old, 5'8 girl to just 'blend in' especially with hair as red as mine. I have that 'reputation' people just don't want to have. You see, I'm one of those blibs on the human regester. Although, I can barely be classed as a human these days. Ok, my dad he's human. My mother on the other hand.

She disappered not long after I was born, her sister and mother helped to raise me. They have speak of her, as if she's a disease. I think I inherrit my 'gift' from her, she was powerful they say, and, I suppose you could say mine is too.

I can, mimic other peoples' powers, if I meet them twice, in the same room or even talk two sentances (only if there's a connection in this case) then I also have the same powers as them. They don't loose anything... Well, some loose, what? 0.03% of their power strenght, but that's not a lot really. Not a lot at all.

Unfortunatly, I can now read minds and sense peoples' feelings. It's not good.

I reach out my pale hand, opening the fine, brass doorknob which can only open to my touch - thank you secret santa. I slip in, clicking the door shut behind me. I pull off my beloved baggy grey jumper, changing into my 'appropriate' school clothes.

  • Skirt, two inches above my knee - so, not my idea.
  • tight fitting t-shirt sleaved blouse - again, not my idea.
  • knee length, anime/ manga styled socks, showing off the slim lines of my legs.
  • Grey wasitcoat - yeah, ok, my idea.
  • finger less gloves which go up to my elbows - my idea.
  • Little red 'wizard of Oz' shoes. - not my plan.

I sigh, grabbing by purple bag, heading back out. I hate this life. I think as I dodge through the crowds, the auras of some people making m queezy. Head down, walk on. Keep to it.

The End

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