Scarlett: A little competition

"I guess that makes me no one then?" The girl next to me said.

Well, she certainly looked like she was trying to be someone at least. She actually looks good. But there is no way she has the experience I have.  I turned to face the front, but she spoke again.

"I said, I guess that makes me no one then?" I turn back, amazed she is speaking to me again. She is definately almost my age, but surely she shouldn't be here? Not in this class. This is my third year here, and I've never seen her before. Hmmm, new student huh?

"Yeah I'm new." I started. And a mind reader it appeared. Well, it looks like i can finally practice the mind blocking we learned last year. I focussed on blanking my mind. From her I sensed a natural urge to be on top, be the most powerful, most popular and most noticed. Well, we'll have to see about that.

"Well welcome to the school," I forced out. Inside I was saying, watch out girl, this is my school, and you can't have it.

The End

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