Crimson: Then I must be no one

I lean against my sleek black motorbike and tune in to everyone's thoughts. I don't often do this as it really tires you out but on the first day I think it's necessary. Suddenly a thought flows out that stands out from the rest, whoever thought it must be pretty certain about it.

No one can stop this vampire from ruling the school. No one.

I trace the thought to a girl with red hair and purple eyes. She looks about a year older than me, not that that makes any difference when your one of the oldest vampires in existence like me. I smile. If that's what she thinks then boy is she in for a shock. I smooth down my blood red skirt and lacy gothic black tank top follow her into the building. I walk into the classroom and slide into a seat next to her. She looks at me with a haughty expression.

"I guess that makes me no one then?" I say, staring into her purple eyes with my deep blue ones. 

The End

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