Jason: One of those mornings

"Well screw that!" I said, jumping off my Harley and onto the grass. The damn thing was spluttering again, and now I had to walk it home, great. I cursed multiple times at the hunk of junk, but only mumbles could be heard through my helmet. I took it off and strapped it to my back pack, trekking up the dark tree infested hill side to my new high school. I heard a howl in the distance, and was tempted to howl back, even if it was only a little magic, but I decided otherwise, no need to attract the werewolf gang to me.

When I stepped onto the cobble stone path to the school, I realized I had mud all over my skaters.

"Frikking fantastic!" I exclaimed. They were new too, Black with green snake like shapes slithering all over them. And they moved! The snakes literally moved, it was the sickest spell I'd ever done.

I walked into the school, mumbling to myself about smoking motorcycles and mud. I went into the front office and saw a gremlin sitting at the desk.

"Why hello deary! Name?" she asked. Yikes, she looked like my great-great-great grandma mixed with a smurf!

"Uhh, Jason Mohan,"

"Oh yes! Right here deary! Your locker is in the west wing and your first class is just down the hall! Welcome to SuperNatural High!" She said, her "high" sounding like nails on a chalkboard. I grimaced and left the office as quickly as possible, making my way to the west wing. As I walked, I saw several Vampire Mistresses. I was tempted to lift a few skirts, but then again, I might get dragged into the wrong "social clique", blech. already, I'd been in the school no more than 3 minutes, and I could tell it'd be one of those years.

The End

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