Tyler: First Night

I looked at The Moon. It was going to be full tonight. Wow, perfect for the First Day at my new school. I loved nightime, its dark and coolness, the owls and bats flying around searching for a snack. I loved it.  I heard the bus coming, weird it was just a regular school bus. I assumed it was going to be like..painted dark with Stars and stuff on it. Or maybe like..a magic carpet or somthing. 

 I stepped on the bus and sat down on the first seat aviliable. I heard weird noises coming from behind me, probably other creatures of the Night. I heard someone howl. Werewolf probably. You'd think they'd be more quiet, we don't wanna attract attention do we? No need to get authorties after us. Then again teenagers, even Strange ones like us, are teenagers.

    We got to the school deep in the woods. Creepy, i loved it. I exited the bus. Weird the school looked like just an ordinary highschool. A sign beside it said "Welcome To SuperNatural High" Yah like that wasn't going to attract attention to hikers on the trail nearby.



The End

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