Scarlett:Beautiful but deadly

First day of High school. Yipee! Note the sarcasm.

But there is a plus side. The boys! Dressed to kill I add one more layer of blood red lip stick before I get out of the car. Trust me. No one can stop this vampire from ruling the school. No one.

I can feel the eyes on me as I stride towards the door. I knew this outfit was a good idea. Black corset with purple lace and my favourite little black mini skirt that made the guy's eyes pop out. And even better were the thigh high black leather lace up boots that donned my legs, and the lacey black hair clip in my bright red hair. I'm so glad I have fashion sense as well as money.

Off to my first class, and the excitement is killing me. Not. Just about to get to the door, I sense a group of young boys standing near me, staring at my ass.

"Seen enough boys?"

They all stare at me wide eyed, obviously their first day in high school, they have no idea what to expect now. Well best I show them then. I draw back my lips and let out an animal snarl. They scarper, running as fast as they can, and falling over each other in the process. I grin and turn to enter the classroom. Sweet power.  

The End

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