Supernatural High

A place for all the Supernatural and Mytholgic Creatures to go, and since its highschool, you can bet your ass Teenage Highjinks accour :)

           Okay, This is just going to be the Introduction. So Supernatural High is basicly a night school full of Supernatural+Mythilogical Creatures. So Basicly Vampires, Werewolves, Hell you could have a Minotaur if you wanted Haha.  I'd like it if you posted info on your charachter in the comments so i can post it in the Summery+stuff. For example this is my charachter :)

Name: Tyler Cladborn

Race: Vampire

Age: about 15

  Discription: Dark Black Hair, always wears a black hoodie, and blue skinny jeans, Dark Grey Eyes.

So, Yah pretty much that. Rules:

No killing off someones character without asking.

No God Modding, As in you cant be all Ohmy i got shot but im coming back to life, unless ur like..a zombie o.o. 

For god sake, NO TWILIGHT REFERANCES! nobody wants that trut me!

Okay. So have fun and feel free to post :)                                                                                                                                 

The End

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