Shane: LoversMature

I put my coat onto the hook and relaxed into my chair at the desk. I had one last thing to do before I relaxed for the night. I picked up the phone and called Kyle’s cell number. The new about Danny was disturbing and I was worried. He answered swiftly and I couldn’t help but think that was because he didn’t have me on caller ID.

"Kyle, hey. There's something I just need to know,” my tone was softer and warmer. I was no longer in work, really. I leant back in my leather office chair and smiled to myself.

"What?" He still seemed annoyed, his tone demanding.

"Right, first off, I'm sorry. It's my job. Secondly. Did Danny... threaten you?" He was silent, I knew his answer but I just wished to hear it for myself. "Kyle, please." I murmured, softening my tone a great deal.

He sighed, reluctantly pushing the words from his mouth. "Fine, he did."

"What did he say, exactly?"

"I don't know I wasn't paying much attention. Something about he'd kill me if I didn't leave him alone." I don’t think he was going to completely live up to that. Danny had already come back to the area. I don’t think it mattered if Kyle stayed away or not. This case just got interesting.

I mumbled something to myself then nodded, "Kyle, I trust you with Damien. I see you love each other; I don't need to intervene there. But I will still hang around. Just not so... close." So yes, in a way I would be stalking you. My legs rested on my desk, knocking the pot of pencils out the way.

"Thanks, I guess..."

This was when Jack came in, he was my secretary. How do you think that file reached me?  He walked in and I smiled. His striking eyes hit me in a wave of sea green and he walked over to me. He leant over the desk and I lowered my feet, allowing him to sit on it, facing me.

"It's my job, I'm human too y'know." I smiled behind the phone as Jack pulled me closer to him. "Okay, I gotta go. Look after him, Kyle."

"Will do," he promised and I hung up as Jack pushed his lips to mine. I wasn’t lying when I said I didn’t have a partner, Jack had one. I still didn’t know why he kept coming back to me when he had a perfectly good girl waiting at home. He undid the buttons on my shirt and pushed it off, revealing the dragon tattoo that coiled around my back and stomach. My upper arms on both side had wolves on them, one black and one white, both snarling and looking like they were tearing at my skin.

He kissed my neck and his hands strayed to... you don’t need to know any more. Let’s say Damien’s case wasn’t stressing me out anymore.

After about two hours he was pulling back on his boxers that lay half-way across the room and when he was at arm’s-length I pulled him back to me so he sat on my lap and my hands twined into his chocolate locks. “Work treating you okay?” He asked me and I shrugged.

“With you around, work never bothers me.” I grinned as he traced the dragon on my chest.

“But, why won’t you take me? Make me yours.” He asked and I sighed.  Not this again...

The End

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