Damien: Shane.Mature

Having Shane around is more like having a cross between my dad and a private detective around.

It's annoying.

It's safe to say, I hate him.

He's only been around a few days, and so far, he's talked to my school, people at my school, my parents, Phil, the rest of the band. Even that chick that Cancer was going out. He's probably found out more about me than even I know.

Oh, and he searched my room for drugs. He left pretty much nothing unsearched. He'd gon through my drawers, over my floor, under the bed, wardrobe, turned out all my clothes. Probably would've taken apart the laptop to have a look inside for drugs if it wasn't obvious I have no idea how to take apart a laptop without breaking it.

He's ignored the glaring, the swears, the cold silence, everything. I feel like I'm under house arrest. I might as well be, to be honest.

"What a prick," Kyle mumbles, making me look up from my sulking.

"He's like my dad. But more of a dick. I want him gone." I don't give a shit if he can hear me.

"Speak to your mom about it?"

"I've tried. She just says it's for the best. Dad said I'd thank them for it later." So why do I doubt that I will?

"You can always come to mine if you need a break." Would he follow us there? I wouldn't put it past him.

"Thanks." He smiles and I just about manage to return it.

"C'mere," he says, holding out an arm for a hug. I shuffle over so I can hug him. He kisses my forehead.

"Actually, can we go back to yours now? I don't like him sitting outside my door," I whisper. He nods and I get up, opening my window as quietly as I can. We sneak out, holding hands as we walk down the road. I squeeze his hand a little, making him smile. Now I'm out of the house, I can smile back properly. Mind you, if I thought I was happy to be away from Shane, I've got nothing on Kyle, who skips a little. I chuckle.

"C'mon, Mr Boring. Live a little." I roll my eyes, but I give in, skipping with him around the corner heading for his house. Even as I'm looking around to make sure Shane isn't following, I can't miss the grin on his face.  

"You've cheered up."

"Yeah well being under what might as well be house arrest doesn't usually do wonders for people's mental health."

"Which is why you're welcome at my place any time," he tells me, giving me a one-armed hug.  I return the one-armed hug as we kiss. "C'mon, we can get pizza and watch some movies or something," he smiles. I nod.

"Sounds good."


When we get to his place, he squeezes my hand again and I smile, following him inside. My smile fades, however, when we get into the living room and find none other than Shane sat on Kyle's sofa, reading something. Shane ignores us, too engrossed in what he's reading.

"Get out," Kyle says, not happy with Shane at all.

"Your mum let me in," he says, flicking over the page casually.

"Wonderful. Now get out."

"You know I won't..." He pauses for a moment, "Did you know Daniel Kent was arrested for assault on his father?" Kyle doesn't say anything "Mmm, pulled a knife on him. Intent on killing him apparently, his mother stepped in, mind."

"She okay?"

"She'll live. He got stabbed in the chest, mind, hmm..." he flips over the page casually again. Kyle's kinda shocked, but to be honest, I've seen him lose his temper - I can picture him stabbing his mom easily. He did hate his parents, after all. "I also heard you went out with him, Kyle." He glances up at Kyle, "Are you okay?"

He arches his eyebrow at Shane, "I'm fine."

"He didn't assault you?" Kyle shakes his head, "Hmm," he hums, studying Kyle's face briefly, before smiling and going back to reading.

"What?" he asks, kind of annoyed.

"You're lying is all. But, I will look after you if he comes again," he smiles again, "Now, I have research to do."

"You can do research back at Damien's house. Get lost"

"But then I can't look after you both." You don't need to. We don't need a baby sitter. "I am, however, intent on letting you look after him. I trust you can. I'll be leaving soon, for that." Kyle just glares. I stay quiet, though I've been itching to start mouthing off for the last few minutes. "What?"


"Well," he closes file, "Have a nice night," He gets up leaving the file on the table and leaves. Kyle's glare stays fixed to his face until he's gone.

"Prick," he mumbles.

"Yeah. You've not had to live with that for the last few days," I grumble, hoping that that movie and pizza will cheer us both up again.


The End

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