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My name is Shane Leon Lockheart. I was requested by Mrs. Cross to look after Damien Cross, to make sure he doesn’t take drugs and to stop him from doing anything drastic. Subject has been treated multiple times for depression and is currently on Methadone, it is suspected that he has become addicted to this substance.

I am of a height of six, two. I have dark black hair, in a mess on my head and my eyes are a deep sapphire blue. And thanks to Mrs. Cross I’m allowed to wear my lip ring and eyebrow stud. But still, due to my profession I have to keep my tattoos covered so I wear a black shirt, tucked into a pair of jeans and black combat boots. I also carry a pistol tucked into my trousers under my shirt, that’s for the subject’s protection not for my own.

I guess you could call me a body-guard, but I do much more as well. I own a place, on the border of this town. My office is in the main town itself. I am in my early twenties and am carrying this business from my dad. I have no girlfriend, or boyfriend.

Subject’s currently with boyfriend. Kyle. Subject’s boyfriend may be key to depression and drug-abuse; simple case, just need to help boyfriend sort Subject out. Subject is displeased with my position, this is usual. Will try to become friends with Subject before attempting anything more. Methadone is almost empty. Will have to pick up a new prescription. Will have to study Subject more closely.

That was when Subject’s mum came back in with a nice steaming cup of black coffee. I loved the aroma, the look and the strong taste that kicked like a mule when swallowed. It was a nice taste, kept me awake. I don’t yet know the subject’s sleeping patterns, so I should be ready for a twenty-four hour shift.

I nod at her, I don’t talk much. No need to, she knew I was grateful. I had to be ready to adapt to Subject’s lifestyle, so analysis of subject’s mother is vital. The room was bright, well decorated. The family are doing well for themselves. It’s clean, not a thing out of place. None of subject’s possessions are here. He must spend most of his time in his room. Pictures on the wall and on the mantel of Subject and family. Father hasn’t been present for the past few days. Must be away on business.

Another sip of the sweet nectar that sits on my lap. Subject is a young adult, not that much younger than me. This is going to be a close assignment. Mustn’t get too attached, subject will be clean and happy when I leave. That is my job. Clean, safe, happy.

I place my cup on the table. Subject’s boyfriend had entered a little while ago. I will do best to go check. I rise; nod once more to the woman sat staring into the distance in the corner. I wasn’t sure she saw me. It wasn’t my place to disturb her – I will go do my job.

I walk up the stairs; knock on the door of his room. Call the boyfriend’s name. I knock again. Step back. Wait. He opened the door with a tired, ‘mmm’ must’ve fallen asleep. Good. There’s peace in the room.

"I would like to talk, please."


I walked a little way from the door. The boyfriend followed, but left the door open. He is loyal; it’ll be hard to separate them. Looks like I have another to guard. "I simply want you to know why I am here. I am here to make sure the subject, Damien, is clean and to make sure he doesn't harm himself. As his boyfriend it would be great if you could help me in my assignment."

"You think I haven't been trying all this time?" His tone was edgy. He is frustrated, he has tried and I suspect he has failed big time. Something’s happened recently. He’s on edge; I will have to find out what later.

"I have the authority to take away his drugs and also give him his methadone when prescribed. I will also take guard in case you need me."

"Fuck off, Shane," I heard Damien shout. Subject is still stubborn, this is going to be harder than I thought.

"You heard him."

"Unfortunately I wasn't employed by him. I have to stay here." My voice remained calm and cool. I have been in far worse situations and this would not sway me. Kyle simply glared at me as he finally gathered I was here to stay. I sighed in my head and kept my face blank. "I'll just sit out here and clean my pistol then." I took the pistol from its holster and slipped onto the floor.

Damien sneered, but it did not unnerve me. "What're you gonna do? Shoot us if we disobey you?"

"No, it is in case anyone tries to harm you sir." I have done my research, according to his mother someone named Danny has been involved with these people. I have no idea what the capacity of Danny’s revenge could be led too. So I would simply keep it by. Just in case.

"Hey, Shane, do you use your right hand or your left to, uh, "clean your pistol"?" His tone, the stutter in deliverance, I knew it was a joke. Hmm, nice try.

"Left, but I'm right-handed for that,” I smiled at my slight victory as he sulked. I was well trained, not just in fire-arms but also in the art of speech. It’s easy to figure these things out. "I'll be quiet. I won't bother you. I don't see the problem you're having, Kyle."

"You piss off my boyfriend. That's my problem."

"I haven't done anything." I bit back another sigh. This was getting tiring. I didn’t see why they were so on edge.

"You're invading my personal space; that's something. Prick."

"I am here to help you get clean. To stop you from destroying your life like I have seen so much before. Your boyfriend here has tried to help you. He obviously failed. If love couldn't stop you then the last resort is force. You brought this upon yourself, sir."

"Dude, shut up,” hmm. He’s getting touchy. I’ve hit something; their relationship is hanging like Damocles’ sword above their heads. Interesting.

I looked up at Kyle, "It is true, is it not? Does it not tear you apart to see him destroy himself like this? I am just here to help." He was silent and I looked down, intent on cleaning my pistol although it was already clean. It shimmered in the dim light of the corridor but I still dismantled it. After a small while Kyle spoke again.

"Is that all you wanted?"

"I wished for some information, but I realise it is not a good time."

"Yeah, you're right," he went back into the Subject’s room and slammed the door. I sighed, tonight would be a long night. I had a lot of research to do.

The End

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