Damien: do what you like with meMature

Throughout the movie, I keep glancing at him, giving him a small smile when he notices. He looks a little nervous. If he's nervous, how am I supposed to feel about being here? This could potentially ruin my relationship with Kyle, and that's the last thing I want.

"It's getting late now," Danny says when the film finishes.

I nod slightly, "Like I said, you've got me for a day and a night."

"Well I guess we should go home and I'll set up the spare bed." I arch my eyebrow a little. "What's up?"

"I thought you wanted me." Kinda hard to have me if we're in different rooms.

"I do, more than anything I wish you were mine. But you're not. You're Kyle's" he frowns.

"Well I'm yours tonight - do with me what you like," I say, the words spilling out of my mouth, though I'm not sure if I want them to.



"It's your choice."

"I made my choice, it's up to you."

"And Kyle? You'd cheat on him so easily?" I look away from him, uncomfortable. Of course not. You think this is easy? Just ‘cause I look relaxed, doesn't mean I am.

He stands up, towering over me, "I see," he nods.

"If you can think of any other way that I can make up for it all, then tell me." Because I can't think of anything. Though that might just be the drugs/low self esteem. He gives me a serious look as he tells me:

"I can." Good. What is it? "Play for me." I pause, surprised.

"I... play for you?"

"Yes. Anything wrong?"

"No. Just... play what? I don't have anything with me." I'm not good enough to make up for what I've done to you.

"Anything, I don't mind."

"I don't suppose your uni's still open?" I ask, thinking I can find a guitar or a drum kit there somewhere. I mean, it's a music uni. It'd be a pretty shit one if it didn't have basic instruments available, right?

"I've already stolen the drum kit."

I smile a little. "Never had you down as a thief."

"There's a lot you don't know," he says. Well, duh.

"Yeah well it's hard to get to know someone when you're more focussed on being a dick to them," I mumble, standing up too as the cinema attendant people start getting all bitch faced about us still being there. He nods, walking out of the building, and I follow. We get a taxi back and the moment we're inside, he shows me where he's put the drums. They're not half bad, actually, even if they're a bit beat up. I look around for sticks smiling as Danny hands me a pair. Thanking him, I sit down and start to play.

I try to ignore him watching me intently, a grin plastered on his face. I'm used to being behind a band, and in front of a crowd, or on my own, so this is kinda weird. I notice him bite down on his lip after a little while, tensing as I deliberately show off, playing one handed and doing tricks - well, might as well, right?

That's when his hands hover over his lap for a moment before he covers up his crotch. Too late dude, I already saw your boner.

"Thanks, Damien. You can uh... stop now," he says after a couple more moments. I chuckle a little and stop, rolling my shoulders as he shuffles awkwardly over to the bathroom, moaning a little. I wait a moment after he's shut the door before following.

"S-sorry. I'll be out in a minute," he groans. I hum, figuring if I please him in some way now, I might get out of sex later on. That way, everyone's happy, right?

"I can help you out, if you like. I'm not blind," I murmur, a little huskily. I hear his breathing get heavier.

"I-I couldn't," he moans.  I try the door handle, slipping in as the door opens. He's sat on the edge of the bath with his hand in his pants, a furious blush on his face. I just smile and kneel down in front of him.

"Damien..." he pulls his hand out, sitting there fidgeting, which only serves to show off his boner through his pants, "This... it's nothing..." I ignore that, undoing his pants. Sure it's nothing, sunshine. Can't say I ever imagined anyone would ever get hard over me just playing the drums.

"You shouldn't," he moans again, putting a hand on his forehead. I palm him through his boxers, making him groan. "Oh God, Damien!" He tries to push me away, but his push is so weak that I barely even shift back. I keep palming him, looking up at him as I speak.

"Don't you think this would be more comfortable on the sofa?" he lets out another groan, half nodding as he agrees. I stand, pulling him up and leading him over to the sofa by his collar. He shuffles, letting me drag him. "Damien. Fuck, I've wanted this for ages..." he collapses on the sofa and I kneel down in front of him again, pulling Danny's boxers down. I jerk him off for a while, smiling a little as he arches his hips up towards me with another groan. At that, I go down on him,

"Oh, fuck!" he bucks beneath me, but I'm ready for it, and take it. I guess all those times I got teased in the halls with ‘I bet you're a good little cocksucker' weren't far off. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," he cries as he comes. I swallow it down, making sure I got it all before I sit back on my heels.

"Fuck you're amazing," he compliments me, melting back into the sofa. I lick my lips, thanking him. He leans forward, kissing me, nipping slightly at my lip. I kiss back, but Danny pulls away, shaking his head. "God, what just happened?"

"I dunno," I chuckle a little, "I never realised me playing drums was really that sexy."


The End

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