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The next morning my head was pounding. I didn’t get drunk, I don’t remember going anywhere near alcohol. But, Damien had given himself to me for a day. I had spent the whole night planning and my lack of sleep showed. I had no idea when he was turning up, but as a quick glance to the clock told me it was seven in the morning. I figured I had time for a nice warm shower. And God did it help.

I shook my head a little as I got out, shaking myself dry like a dog. I actually had a day off, free from work and school. I should have spent it going to see Kyle. But, he wasn’t mine anymore and I had to respect that. I know the hypocrisy of saying I had to respect his wishes and yet I was now seeing his boyfriend. But I figured they were good together. I of all people couldn’t split them up. I donned my skinny’s and converse and began to get breakfast. After that I tidied up my mess of an apartment.

As if on cue, just as I finished, Damien knocked. The time had reached just past twelve and I realised that my breakfast wasn’t working any more. My stomach growled and I whined as I opened the door. He just stood there awkwardly with a weak smile on his face and I couldn’t help but smile back. "Come in, would you like a drink?" I smiled my best, warmest and most welcoming smile

 "Uh, yeah, sure," he went in and stared blankly in front of him. I didn’t know how to make him more comfortable, so instead I ushered him into the front room and went to make coffee. I asked for his preferences and came back quickly with the two steaming cups.

"So, why are you so set on making it up to me?" I passed him his coffee and sat on the sofa, sipping at my own swiftly. It was strange, now that I think about it. I had looked up to him like a celebrity and now here he was sat on my sofa.

He sat beside me and took a gulp of his coffee, "I've spent too long being a shit person to people - I don't wanna be a shit person anymore." He murmured into the bottom of his cup, I looked at him and committed his looks to memory. I had never spent much time looking at him before.

He had ear-length chocolate hair, and hazel eyes that shimmered with his shyness as he took another sip. He had a slight beard growing and although that wasn’t my usual thing, for him, I’d make an exception. What am I saying? He’s not mine. It doesn’t matter what I think.

"Don't you think this will upset Kyle?"

He sighed, "He knows I'm his.” Oh, oh my. That felt like someone stabbed me. Why? I dunno. “I'll find a way to make it up to him, too."

I frowned a little, but then bit it back, forcing my lips upwards into a strained smile. "Okay then, First things first, food. C'mon." I stood, grinning widely as he tilted his head, confusion masking his features.


"Yes, dinner. I'm taking you out."

"Oh!" His jaw kinda dropped as his cheeks began to turn a bright red. But it soon faded to a blushed smile as he stood.

"You're cute when you smile like that," I noted, leading him out of my apartment and down the stairs, ignoring the taxi place as I began to walk down the street.

He kept beside me, but at a laboured pace. "Am I?"

"Yeah, it's sorta sweet.” He blushed a little more and I couldn’t help but smile. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to make you embarrassed.”

"Its okay,” his face twitched, I think he was smiling, but I kept my eyes on the street.

I took him to another one of those posh restaurants, sure, you were meant to dress in the right attire. But by now, they knew me. They’d just sit me in a corner out the way which I liked because it gave me privacy. "I'll treat you; I just got my money from my parents." I grinned. My parents’ money just means money that they gave me to shut me up. Blackmail money. I liked it.

I told the main waiter my reservation and he smiled at me, leading us past the least amount of people he could and sitting us at a quaint table in the corner. I remember this table, it was my table. I thanked him and turned my attention back to Damien. "Anything you'd like. My treat."

"You sure?" I nodded and smiled a little wider as he looked at the prices. I didn’t need to look at the menu. I knew what I’d order; they made excellent pasta with Halloumi and chicken. Cooked just right with a hint of saltiness despite the cheese. It was gorgeous... heh, sorry ‘bout that. The waiter came back and after we ordered I waited silently for the food to arrive.

Damien looked around a little and I smiled. "So what would you like to do this evening?" I queried, smiling at his curiosity as I daintily wound the strands around my fork.

He ate with vigour, shrugging, but not stopping, "Dunno, that's up to you"

"And I'd like you to choose,” I explained, waiting to swallow my food before opening my mouth.

He stopped eating, thinking for a moment. "Movie?" He shrugged and I nodded.

"Sure, cinema or home?"

"What's in the cinema right now?" Good question, I racked my brain trying to think of the adverts that I had seen on TV. My brain was empty-ish. I could only remember fragments and it annoyed me. I reeled off a bunch of movies and he asked me what I’d rather see. I don’t know... I asked the waiter and he recommended a new action film out. Fine. We’ll watch that. No doubt it’ll be stupid anyway...

I waited patiently for him to finish, paying the bill and ushering him out with a smile. I hailed a taxi to take us to the cinema; it was on the outskirts of town so I had no hope of walking. Rain pattered at the windows about half way through our journey and I took the umbrella out from my coat pocket. Opening it as I walked at Damien’s slow pace toward the doors. The inside of the cinema stunk of popcorn, was full of children and the fat from the hotdogs lingered in the air. I ordered our tickets and sat in the seats. God I hate these places.

I sat in silence once more, attempting not to voice my dislike of the places. It’s not just the mass of kids and the grease. And I’m not being snooty and posh, it’s just they’re dark and if there’s a fire it would end in disastrous results. But I took my mind off it by ensuring Damien was always in my peripheral. I still had no clue what I was doing. But the day was almost over, I’d be home free again.

The End

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