Damien: have me, for a day.Mature

In the morning, I'm welcomed into the new day with a kiss that I happily return, despite remembering Kyle's condition about going to the recital later on.

"Morning, gorgeous," he smiles. I hum.

"Morning, sexy." He giggles and I feel a smile tug at my own lips. He kisses my nose and I snuggle up to him again, not really willing to move just yet. "What time do we have to go?"

"Not for a while yet. Looking forward to your little punishment?" he giggles again and I chuckle a little.

"Not sure yet."

"I'm sure I'll enjoy it," he winks. I'm sure you will, you asshole.


We don't see Danny before the recital, so we go straight in and sit down. Well. Kind of. I say that like it was easy for me to sit. That thing feels a whole lot bigger than it is. I squeak a little as I sit down and Kyle laughs. I shoot him a little glare, but I can't deny that I'm enjoying this. There're times I wish I wasn't such a sub, and this is definitely one of those.

He gives me an innocent face and I sigh, trying to get comfortable. Which is easier said than done, given that every time I fidget, it moves inside of me, and the urge to moan each time is nearly unbearable. Kyle, on the other hand, is just sat there trying not to laugh at me. Bitch.

Thankfully, I'm at least partially distracted when Danny appears on stage. He bows gracefully and sits at the piano, which isn't what I was expecting. As he plays, I frown inwardly. Why's he not playing his violin? Even though the music is - while admittedly not the kind of thing I listen to - beautiful, I can't help the fidgeting. Every time I shuffle in my seat, I have to bite down on my lip. At the end of the piece, he gets up and picks up his violin, beginning to play that, instead. I can't decide which he's better at.

A little way through, he looks up and notices either me or Kyle, and smiles. Hesitating, I smile back, unsure if it was me or Kyle that the smile was meant for. At that point, Kyle leans his head on my shoulder and without thinking, I put my arm around him. He snuggles into me, and I see Danny's smile fade a little.

His eyes are fixed on me for a while, which kind of freaks me out a bit, to be honest. Soon enough he goes back to concentrating on what he's playing. When he's done, he bows again, and leaves pretty swiftly. The room bursts into applause and both Kyle and I clap. People start to leave and I struggle to stand up, helped by a giggling Kyle. I glare at him a little, but he ignores it, fucking off to find Danny. I follow him into the lobby where Danny's stood greeting people.

"Good evening," Danny says to Kyle.

"Hey, man, you were great," Kyle says and I sort of mumble in agreement. I mean what I say, I just know that Danny probably doesn't want me to be here. And let's face it, he's kind of gotten intimidating since I last saw him.

"Yeah, thanks," he says, looking at me. I give him a tiny smile. He gives me a warm smile in return, and turns back to Kyle. "I'm glad you enjoyed the show."

He smiles, "You totally kicked ass, man." Danny laughs.

"Yeah well, I had a lot of inspiration when I was learning." I don't say anything, and Kyle nudges me, but I don't know what I'm supposed to say. Was that aimed at me? I completely missed that one. I try to think of something to say, but I don't even know if that was aimed at me or not, and before I can even decide whether I should say something or not, Danny's sighing. "Okay, then I best be off, other people to see."

"Oh... Okay," Kyle says.

"I'll leave you two to it," I say, trying to leave, but Kyle won't let me, and Danny's already walking away. I frown a little, earning myself a prod from Kyle.

"What's the frown for?"

"I thought the whole point of us coming here was for you two to spend some time together."

"We'll see him again later," he shrugs and I nod tentatively. He puts his head on my shoulder and squeezes my ass. Right there. In front of everyone. I don't need a mirror to tell me my cheeks are bright red right now. Kyle giggles and I glance up to see Danny looking away from us, fixing his eyes on the floor, frowning, and looking kinda upset. "I think Danny boy's jealous," he whispers and I nod a little, watching Danny slam out of the building. "Gonna go after him?"

I bite my lip a little, trying to decide whether trying to comfort Danny with a plug in my ass will be more awkward than it already would be or not. I shuffle off after him, moving as fast as the butt plug will let me. I catch up with him eventually, walking along a street at a pace that I can just about match.  Grunts at me and I mumble an apology.

"What. For?"

"You mean aside from like, everything?"

"Whatever. Kyle must be upset you're here. You should go back."

"I meant what I said before on facebook, man. I wanna make up for everything I did before."

"And how're you gonna do that?"

"I don't know. I have no idea what would make up for what I've done. That's why it's up to you."

"Damien? For years I've wanted you in every which way. Then I meet you and you end up with my fucking boyfriend. Can you just imagine how that feels losing you both at once?"

"Then have me. A day and a night that you can spend doing whatever the fuck you like with me."

"I'd love that, if it wouldn't crush Kyle."

"He doesn't have to know, if you don't want him to."

"I can smell you on him and vice versa. He'll find out anyway."

I shrug, "I can cover it up. Or I can just tell him. I need to make it up to you somehow."

"Don't do anything you don't want to."

"I want to."

"Fine then." I sort of nod, wondering why I just agreed to do that. He walks off and I shuffle back to Kyle.

"How'd it go?" how the hell to I answer that?

"He'll be okay."

"That's good, then." He smiles and I smile back, cuddling him. I hum as he cuddles back.

"So when does the plug come out?" I murmur in his ear.

"When you're tied to the bed again," he whispers back, and I bury my head in his shoulder. He chuckles. "Unless you'd rather be tied to something else."

"Such as?"

"Mmm, a stop sign, maybe? With the plug still in, of course." I whine a little at the thought, and Kyle giggles.

"Why're you so evil to me?"

"Because you love it really?" Unfortunately.

"Mmm. Can we go back to the hotel now?"



The End

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