Kyle: Naughty BoyMature

I sort of smiled at Damien when I got back. Boy was he in for a surprise. He looked over at me as I put down a small bag.

"Miss me?"

"I dunno, that ceiling's pretty interesting"

"I can leave you to stare at it, if you'd prefer"

He shook his head a little and I chuckled.

"Good boy"

He strained against the tie around his wrists a bit as I walked over to him slowly. He pouted and I ripped off his shirt, making him hum. I straddled him, finally letting him see the ice bucket behind my back. He looked at the ice bucket and I gave him a kind of evil grin. He looked a teeny bit worried as I took an ice cube from the bucket. He watched as I pressed it against his neck, slowly trailing it down his chest and stomach. He let out a tiny gasp and I did it again. He shivered a little and I kept it pressed against his stomach. He looked up at me and I silently asked him what he wanted.

"Fuck me" he mumbled.

"Fuck me, what?"

"Fuck me, please"

I pressed the ice cube to his lips, pushing it in his mouth when he parted his lips a little. He sucked on it, making me giggle. He smiled a little and I trailed a finger down to the waistband of his jeans. He bucked his hips up and I tutted.

"Behave, baby"

He tried to whine past the ice cube and I pulled his pants off, getting another ice cube. His eyes widened a little and I gave him an evil look. I slipped it into his boxers and he looked kind of horrified, wriggling a little. I held him still and he swallowed the ice cube in his mouth, whimpering. I planted a tiny kiss on his lips.

"Good boy"

He kissed back and I stripped, well aware of him admiring me. I trailed a finger down his chest.

"If I fuck you, you have to promise me one thing"


I gave him my most innocent look. "You're not allowed to come"

His eyes widened and I kept up the innocent look.

"What'll happen if I do?"

I glanced at the ice bucket and he nodded hesitantly. I pulled off his boxers, lubing up and fucking him hard. He moaned and I fucked him harder. He bit his lip. I could see in his eyes how hard he was trying not to come. Well that’s no fun. I fucked him a tiny bit harder and he let out a cross between a moan and a whine. With a few last thrusts I came, shortly followed by Damien.

I tutted and grabbed an ice cube, letting it fall onto the bed beside his neck. A look of horror spread across his face and he apologised.

"Not good enough, baby"

He apologised more and I added another ice cube. He whimpered and I smirked at him trying not to wriggle. I got the bucket, just to be mean, and tipped a little of the contents on his chest. I’d like to point out that the ice had kind of started to melt by this point. He gasped, wriggling  but I held him still again. He apologised again and I stood up. He watched as I switched on the TV. He was breathing kind of hard, trying to tilt enough to get the rest of the ice off his chest. I started watching whatever was on TV and Damien managed to tip the ice off. Poor baby ended up lying in it instead. I tried not to laugh and he pouted.


"Not going to untie me?"

I shook my head.

"I'm cold" he said, covered in goosebumps.

"And?" I asked, trying not to give in and untie him.

"And so I need a hug" he said with puppy eyes.

"Mmm, but you were a very naughty boy"

"How can I make up for it?"

I thought about it for a while, giving him an evil grin when I thought of something. I went over to the bag I’d put down earlier and pulled out what was in it. His eyes widened yet again as I held it up. It was a butt plug. I flashed him that evil grin again.

"This has to be in for the entire recital tomorrow"

He nodded.

"And it doesn't come out til I say so"

He nodded again and I untied him. He sat up, kissing me and I kissed back. He hugged me and I gave him the warmest snuggle I could manage. Poor kid was freezing. He leant his head on my shoulder and I kissed the top of his head.

He hummed. "You're evil"

"Would you have me any other way?"

"No" he chuckled and I hummed.

He snuggled up to me and I tangled my fingers in his hair.

"You're all wet"

He smiled a little. "So's the bed"

I chuckled. "Your fault"

"I couldn't help it" he said with a tiny whine.

"I'm just that good in bed, huh?"

He nodded.

"I'll have to work on that, then"

He kissed me and I kissed back. He leant his head on my shoulder again and my hand found its way back to his hair. He looked kinda sleepy.

"Go to sleep, naughty"

He giggled quietly and I played with his hair. He got comfy on my shoulder and soon enough, he was asleep. 

The End

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