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I waited a grand total of about five minutes before I snuck off to the bathroom to join Damien. What can I say? I’m getting used to the whole ‘not straight’ thing. I slipped into the room and saw a very naked Damien stood in front of the mirror, staring. I let out a tiny gasp when I saw what he was staring at. He pulled the shower curtain down, wrapping it around himself and staring at me. I threw a hand over my eyes.

"Sorry. Didn't see anything"

I felt his eyes still on me so I didn’t move my hand. I heard him pull on his jeans and shirt and uncovered my eyes.

"Sorry" I said.

He loked at the floor.


He kind of rubbed his arm uncomfortably, still looking at the floor. I hesitated before going over to him. He glanced at me for a second, embarrassed, and I slid a hand under his shirt. He closed his eyes and reluctantly let me slip his shirt off. I looked at him. His chest, belly, sides and hips were all cut up and nasty looking. I gently pressed a finger to his chest, taking care as I ran that finger down his chest and to his stomach. I could tell he was forcing himself to stay still.


He was still mega embarrassed and there were tears glistening in the corner of his eye. I kissed his forehead and he looked at the floor again. I stroked his cheek. My poor boy.

He sniffled a bit. "Sorry"

"For what?" I asked, kind of shocked.

He looked down at his cuts and then back at me. "I'm a pathetic excuse for a human being"

"That's not true" I said, cuddling him.

He cuddled back.

"I'm the one that should be sorry, anyway"

"Why?" he asked quietly.

"You said yourself that being bullied led you to that"

"I believe I also said that it wasn't all you"

"That still means I caused some of it, though"

He shook his head and I flashed him a tiny smile.

"It's okay, I can deal with it"

He leant his head on my neck and I cuddled him some more. He was... kind of quiet.

"Damien... Is this why you didn't want to... y'know?" I asked after a while.

He sighed a little and nodded. "I can't imagine fucking someone who looks like they were attacked by a cheese grater would be much of a turn on"

I smiled. "You still look cute to me"

He blushed and I giggled.

"I look awful" he mumbled under his breath and I kissed his nose.


He blushed more and I kissed his nose again, earning myself a tiny little smile. I pressed my forehead to his.

"Now, mister, I came in here to sneak in the shower with you"

"Might need to hang the shower curtain back up, then"

He picked it up from where it lay on the floor and I helped him hang it back up. He put the water on and reluctantly took off his jeans. His legs were just as bad as the rest of him. I cuddled him a little and I get the feeling he was embarrassed again as he got in the shower with me. I smiled, earning a half smile back, and stroked his cheek.

"I won't do anything you don't want me to"

He kind of shrugged. "You've seen it now. Do what you like with me"

I shook my head. "I'll only do what you want me to do"

He pecked me on the lips and I kissed back. He linked his hands in the small of my back.

"I don't mind. Whatever you're comfortable with. Newbie" he chuckled and I smirked.

"You'd be surprised what I'm comfortable with"

"You're welcome to show me. I've not had any in weeks. You've got no idea how hard it's been telling you I'm not in the mood"

I giggled and he smiled. I groped him and he hummed a little. I jerked him off a tiny bit and he practically molested me. Which trust me, I didn’t complain about. He kissed me and I kissed back as he jerked me off as well. I ran a hand through his hair and he pushed me back against the wall, dropping to his knees. He started sucking me off and I enjoyed it a little too much. Especially considering that was pretty much my first blowjob. He groped my ass as he sucked and I pulled on his hair a little. He kept on sucking, swallowing it all when I jizzed. I pulled him up, going down on him instantly. He was holding back a moan, I could tell. So I sucked harder. He bit his lip and I sucked even harder, teasing a low moan out of him. I smirked and his fingers twisted in my hair as I kept going. I swallowed when he blew his load and he pulled me up for a kiss. I kissed him kind of hard, groping his ass when he matched it. He hummed.

"Give me five minutes and I can go again" I whispered in his ear and he smiled.

I smiled back and tilted my head when he kissed my neck. He kissed my neck more, giving me a tiny hickey. I chuckled.

"Do it properly or not at all"

He gave me a proper hickey and I shut my eyes. I felt his hands moving over me as he started washing me, making sure to hit all my turn on points. Mmm, horny in a shower. Nice. His hand brushed against my dick and I moaned. He kept washing me and I washed him a little til he groped me. I grinned, making him chuckle. He made out like he was about to finger fuck me but the cheeky asshole didn’t. I groaned. That’s mean, man. Especially when I’m getting hard again. I pinned him against the wall.

"It's been five minutes" I said sort of huskily and he giggled a little. "What?"

"You. Gagging for it" he winked, jerking me off a little.

I moaned. “Can you blame me?”

He shook his head a little, smiling. I kissed him.

“I want you so bad”

He kissed back. “You’ve got me”

He pushed his hips into mine, moaning as I grinded my hips against his. I gave him a hickey, finger fucking him a tiny bit. He let out a louder moan.

“I want you so much” I whispered in his ear.

“Then fucking take me” he mumbled.

I finger fucked him harder and he rested his head on my shoulder, kind of biting me.

“Kinky” I chuckled and he laughed slightly.

He went back to jerking me off and I hummed, kind of nipping at his neck. He tilted his head and I gave him a tiny hickey, finger fucking him harder.

“You look so fucking hot right now”


I leant back on the wall, putting an arm round Damien once we were done. He leant into me, breathing kind of hard.

“That was awesome” I said, breathing hard as well.

He hummed in agreement and I kissed the top of his head. He smiled.

“It was worth the wait then?”

“Oh yeah” I grinned.

He grinned back and chuckled. “Should deprive you of sex more if I get fucked like that for it”

“Don’t blame me if I cheat on you, then” I laughed and he pouted.

I kissed him, smiling as he kissed back.

“C’mon, your mom’s probably wondering what’s going on”

“I don’t think she would be” he laughed and I chuckled.

He smiled and turned off the water, getting out of the shower. Shower sex... nice.

The End

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