The Glories of Facebook. Colon. Right Bracket.Mature

Ahh, the freedoms of being alone in your dorm after fucking the sexiest guy on campus. Of course, facebook. The whole world has to know who I had just screwed. Then the grin was slapped off my face as a little box popped up in the corner, it read along with Damien’s name: "hey danny howre you doing? i hear were coming to visit you soon?"

"ur coming too?"

"dunno. up to you and kyle"

"Humph, i suppose you can."

"humph? i dont have to come if you dont want me to man"

"No, it's okay. You're there for Kyle. : )" Oh how great it is to lie over FB and how great a smiley face could be... colon, right bracket.

"sure. i wanna make up for being a shitty person somehow. i know you said you looked up to me or somethin and i fucked up. sorry" Colon, left bracket.

"Yeah... don't apologise." Because I will never believe you.

"why not?"

"'Cause it's fine." Semi-colon. Hyphen. Semi-colon.

"i dont feel like it is." –presses blow up all idiots button-

"Yeah, well it is."

"k. guess ill see you soon then?"

"Yeah spose"

"cool. hope yur doing okay." Pointing right arrow. Full stop. Pointing left arrow. Semi colon.

“Im fine. U?” Its common courtesy to do the whole, how’re you, yeah you? Routine. After that it’s okay if you never speak to them again.

"i dunno. these pills make me feel like im dead"


And with that, I hit the marvellous power button that shimmered before my eyes like a beacon of hope. Good bye Emo Boy. Heh, sounds like the title of a cool song. I’ll remember that.

The End

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