Danny: Wow, Hot stuff. ^^Mature

Julliard was so amazing, the people there wanted to be there; music filled the halls and people danced from class to class. But, what really caught my eye was David. I saw him dancing in the studio; I looked in as he twirled about the room in his top and tights. I leant against the door and watched him with glee. He was so graceful, so... hot. Then his pirouette landed his eyesight in line with mine and I blushed, scurrying off to my lesson as he pranced over, looking out of the doorway at me. I glanced over my shoulder before turning round the corner. Oh God, he saw me...

After my violin lesson I fished my phone out of my pocket, I did feel a little guilt. Sure, it had been a week but I finally plucked up the courage to talk to him. This is after I was made to play his song in my lesson. It fell out of my bag, I quickly stuffed it back in but a student had already seen it. That and the hot flesh that had been dancing before me a moment ago made me remember the night I left him. I flipped it open and rang the speed dial.

It rang for a short while before he answered, I just made sure: "Kyle?"

"Hey, Danny,” oh it was good to hear his voice. Even if he was ages away.

"How are you?"

"I'm good. How about you?" I was determined to keep this at friends, after all, I wanted nothing more from him. Just friendship, friendship...right...

"You'd love it here, so many hot guys," I grinned, trying to maintain a friendly chat.  He laughed and I smiled widely, stupidly, idiotically. "All dancing in tight leotards too, you should visit sometime... we have a holiday coming up." I tried to slip it in inconspicuously... did it work?

"Eww, leotards,” yeah, I don’t like wearing them but watching others? Mmm... “And sure, I'll come see you some time. I don't mind ditching school." Oh right, he’s still in school. ‘Course.

"Yeah... I forgot about that. Umm, how about Damien, how's he?" I know about them, I’d be stupid if I didn’t. That and facebook says Kyle is ‘in a relationship,’ ahh good old social networking.

"He's doing better."

"That's good, well, I have a class to go to so, I'll speak to you later." I lied, I have a free next, I just didn’t want to talk to him that much.

"Okay, dude."

"Bye, man," I giggled, he paused no doubt wondering what I was giggling about. I couldn’t help but take the mess from him, "Love you, bye." Now I know, not very friend-like. But, I did say it in a way that wouldn’t arouse any suspicion, sort of like “k bye.”

"Love you too," he replied, which took me by surprise a little. I stood there smiling a while before hanging up to retire to my room. It didn’t have much in it, nothing but my poster of ‘killing the phoenix,’ I can understand why Cancer was so damn irresistible. But, Damien was who caught my attention. I leant back in my chair and looked at him. “I looked up to you, I looked up to you and you fucked me over. You were my idol, my everything and you’re nothing but a disappointment. Fuck you Damien. Fuck you.” Mind, my internal monologue wasn’t helped by a knock on the door.

“Hey... I saw you earlier?” Oh... that voice, it was so heavenly, I turned.


The End

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