Kyle: Park?Mature


It kind of hurt that he thought I’d just use him as a rebound. I meant what I said about kind of liking him ever since our kiss at the hospital. I realise I must sound like a bit of a bitch for that since I’d told Danny God knows how many times that I loved him. But that was true as well. I mean, sure, I felt something for Damien but I still loved Danny. Does that make me a bad person for trying to start something with Damien? I don’t even know.

“Wanna go somewhere?” I asked after a while. Damien’s room was too much of a mess for me.

“Like where?”

“The park? My place? Wherever”

He shrugged a little and I kissed his cheek.

“It’s up to you”

He looked around his room, a tiny bit embarrassed. “Park?”

I nodded, smiling, and he got up. He took my hand, walking to the park with me. We walked in silence which was kind of awkward but at least he was giving me a chance. I sat down on one of the swings once we got there and he sat on the one next to it, rocking it a little. I swung properly for a while before stopping.

“You okay?”

“Hmm?” he asked, looking up.

“You’re kinda quiet”

“I’m fine”

I reached my hand over, smiling as he took it. He kind of smiled back. Oh, because that’s not worrying at all.

“You sure you’re okay?”

He nodded and I squeezed his hand. He squeezed back, going quiet again. I had no idea what to say.

“You okay?” he asked after a couple minutes.

“Hmm? Yeah” I said, giving him a tiny smile.

He leant over and pecked my cheek, making me smile more. He smiled back and I blushed a teeny bit. I’m not entirely sure why. He chuckled quietly.


“You’re cute when you blush like that”

“So people keep saying” I laughed.

He smiled and I smiled back. But then he went back to being quiet again and I started getting worried all over again.

“We can go somewhere else, if you want” I said after a while, trying to break the silence more than anything.

“I don’t mind. Don’t worry if I go quiet” he said, smiling a little, “usually means I’m in a good mood”

“Because that makes so much sense” I chuckled and he shrugged.

“I’d have thought it would be pretty obvious by now that I’m weird. I mean, I can be angry and shouty if you’d rather” he laughed slightly.

I hummed. “I’d prefer smiley”

He smiled and I felt myself start to worry less.

“Much better”

He smiled a little more and I leant over, kissing him. I hummed as he kissed back. I have to admit, it was kind of nice not having to ask if I could kiss him. And it was definitely nice to be able to kiss him without feeling like I’d let Danny down. He flashed me a small smile and I got up, pulling him up off the swing. I huggled him once we were both standing, smiling a little as he hugged back.

“You’re really pretty” I mumbled into his shoulder.

“Thanks...” he said, sounding surprised.

“I never noticed before”

I laughed a little as he blushed. He flashed me a smile.

“You’re pretty too, y’know”

I blushed, kissing back when his lips met mine. He buried his head in my neck and I moved my hands down to his hips. He kissed my neck and I hummed, tilting my head so he could reach better. He kissed more and I shut my eyes. He moved up to my lips and I kissed him kind of hard.

“C’mon, let’s go back to mine” I whispered and he nodded, half snuggling, half walking back to mine.


The End

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