Damien: keep an eye on himMature

Get ready to be hurt, heart. In fact, don't even bother getting attached, because you know he'll choose Danny at the end of it anyways.

I should never have let him kiss me in the hospital. Or ever. And then I wouldn't be sat here with my arms around Kyle's waist, my mouth spewing crap about Josh Quinn being a fag and my head begging for something to help me deal with being used like this.

Because that's all it is. He's using me to find out if he likes Danny or not.

And that fucking kills.


At some point in the evening, my brain's had enough. "I should get going," I mumble, kissing his neck.

"Stay." I mumble some really lame excuse about having only just gotten out of hospital or something like that and how I should go home, but Kyle's not having any of it. He presses a finger over my lips and repeats himself, telling me to stay again. I don't say anything, silently caving, and he smiles.

"You gotta eat something if I stay though."

"I'm not hungry," he lies. As if on cue, his stomach rumbles and I give him a stern look. Yeah, kissing my cheek isn't gonna make your stomach stop rumbling, or stop me from getting you to eat something.

"I'll have something in the morning," he says with a weak smile.

"If I'm staying, you'll have something now, sunshine," I tell him firmly, pushing him off and going to the kitchen to raid the fridge.

"I'm not hungry," he whines. I ignore him, making a sandwich. And then I make myself one. I mean, I'm still not feeling great, but I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna get sick again if I eat. I go back through and give him his sandwich, eating my own. He just kinda stares at his. I prod him. "What?"

"You're s'posed to eat that."

"I'm not hungry." I frown a little and he goes back to staring at it. Even when I finish mine,  he's still staring at it. I glance at him and turn the TV on, not exactly happy with how he's just ignoring the food now. I sigh inwardly and just focus on the screen. Well, I pretend to. My head's still going ‘get the fuck out of here and stop hurting yourself'. But I can't get away with Kyle cuddling me. I put an arm around him, wondering if my dealer will sell me more methadone.

Kyle cuddles up to me more and I close my eyes, wondering if I can get away with just going to sleep. But as hard as I try to just drift off, I can't do it. I need something to help me and the only thing I can think of is drugs.



"I need to go back to the hospital," I mumble.


"'Cause I was really stupid and just left. I didn't take any methadone with me." He bites his lip and I sigh, "sorry."

"It's okay. I can come with you, if you want?"

"I don't mind," I mutter and he smiles.

"It's up to you."

"Sure, come with me. You're gonna have to deal with this for the next four days, so you might as well." He kisses my nose and I smile weakly, getting up. He looks at me and I offer my hand to him. With a smile he takes it and I pull him up.

"Is it okay if I take your mom's car again?"


At the hospital, they put me in one of those little nurse's rooms and I'm told to lie down on the bed. I roll up my sleeve and absently pick at some scabs, ignoring Kyle watching reluctantly, while I wait for the nurse to sort out my needle.

"Leave them alone," Kyle says and I glance up at him. He smiles as I stop picking at them, but looks away as the nurse ties a blue belt around my arm and pats my arm til a vein sticks up enough to inject. I feel a small smile creep onto my lips and the nurse kind of smiles back as she takes the belt off again. She turns to Kyle and pushes a few empty syringes towards him and a small bottle of methadone towards him.

"Keep an eye on him. Make sure he doesn't re-use a needle or overdose." I see Kyle nodding as I pull my sleeve back down and sit up. Now to drive back to his...


By some miracle, I don't kill us both, and manage to park the car without hitting anything. Kyle leads me back inside where I curl up on his sofa and close my eyes.

"Have something to eat," I mumble, pulling him down for a cuddle. I don't hear his reply. I'm already asleep. 


The End

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