Danny: Choose, NOW!Mature

The week that Kyle hadn’t been sleeping I had been going to the gym; it helped with my anger and kept me calm. My parents disowned me, said they’d dive me money for a place if I stay away. I also started school at Springwell. The gym helped with that too I looked stronger and no one bullied me. But, this is where I come to a problem in my now perfect life. My parents won’t let me pick my stuff up, told me to ‘get a friend to drop them off,’ I don’t have any friends. The only person that knows where I live is...

"Kyle...?" I muttered, hating what my parents had made me resort to. I pulled the phone away from my ear as he replied.

"Danny?" He replied in disbelief.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you could do me a favour."


"Could you grab my suitcase and clothes from Mary's house? I'll meet you at the end of the street." He said he would and I hung up. See, Mary’s my mum’s name. They didn’t just kick me out, they disowned me. I couldn’t even call her mum anymore.

I did as I said I would and met him at the end of the street. He had my suitcase which mum said I should be grateful for. She packed them for me and said she also put my essential stuff in there too, e.g. toothpaste, deodorant etc. We stood there in awkward silence for a while before he commented on how nice it was to see me, with a weak smile. "Yeah, I'd say the same but you look like hell."

He chuckled a little and it sorta made me smile. "Ah well, no helping that," I wanted so much to walk away from him.

"You should get some sleep,” I suggested, realising I was pointing out the obvious. It was awkward because this whole time I was so sure I hated him, but now, looking at him... I wasn’t sure.


"Thanks for the stuff, guess I can go move in properly now," I smiled slightly.


"My apartment downtown."

"Oh. Right"

"Yeah, I got kicked out and disowned. Bitch. But, life's good I guess... how've you been?"


"Yeah, dumb question I know," I rubbed the back of my head awkwardly, "I, I guess I kinda missed you. I've been going to the gym to deal with it, I didn't want to mess up my first day in Springwell, but I've been really angry with myself. Especially lately, I guess I just," I began to ramble over and over about stuff even I wasn’t listening too.

"Danny, its okay," no, please, Kyle. Don’t, I don’t want to stay in love with you, I don’t. It hurts too much.

I stopped and looked up at him, shaking myself. "Yeah..." He gave a weak smile and I pushed a strand of hair from his face and growled at myself. "I gotta go."

"O-Okay." I didn't go anywhere, I couldn't. I just stood there dumbly. Frozen to the spot and as he looked at his feet I tilted his head up with my finger but looked away from him.

He glanced up at me and I looked up, trying to avoid the look in his eyes. "Danny?"


"I miss you."

"See? I did two. The only problem is, I know you've been with Damien. I can smell him on you. But, I still have the over-whelming urge to kiss you." I stepped back, "you gotta choose Kyle."

"You. I'd pick you any day. But...but we don't seem to last very long..."

"Because you keep picking Damien." He looked at his feet again; he must really like the look of his shoes. I sighed, "Kyle. I need to know."

"I... I don't know,” he frowned.

"Then I don't know if I can be with you," I cried.

"Danny, please... Give me two weeks to figure things out. A week with you and a week with Damien"

"You don't think you've hurt me enough?"

"Please, Danny"

"Kyle..." He looked at me, "I don't know."


"I thought you loved me y'know."

"I do."

"Then why do you want him? Why can't I be good enough for you?"

"I don't know what I want, Danny. I love you but..."

"But you'd rather have a good shag to fall on. Okay, I get it," -nods, finally finds the power to walk away-

"Danny, I never... Me and him... I'm still a virgin."

"That'll change soon; I know it and it won't be me. Kyle. I'm sick of crying and hurting over you. I need a choice."

"I can't risk losing you again..."

"So?" I stopped. Turned. Faced his shimmering eyes.

“I don’t know,” oh for fuck sake Kyle!

"Go home Kyle, I'm sure if you spend enough time with him you'll make up your mind. My only regret is coming into your life. Maybe if I didn't you would never have fallen for him," it was a good point, they had known each other for ages, I come along and they fall in love. How fucked up is that?

"Two weeks, Danny, that's all I'm asking for."

"No. One. Three days with me, four with him,” my hope was that if he had more time with Damien he might just kill him instead of killing me.



The End

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