Danny: FreedomMature

In the silence in my head I felt quite happy. The darkness was oddly, warming and comforting like someone had wrapped a blanket around me pulling it tight over my head. I pulled my own blanket up a little, while I knew no one was watching and closed my eyes once more. I felt weird like this, like I was spying on them. But luckily Kyle didn’t notice me as I woke because I heard him sniffling again and I also heard Damien’s soft wispy breathing, he fell asleep again.

Nothing much passed. I heard an unfamiliar voice, he dropped off my violin. That was just a hunch, I couldn’t hear him properly I just sorta knew. I opened my eyes slightly to see my precious instrument. Though, it wasn’t the same. I also saw Kyle sniffling with about seven cups of untouched coffee. That’s what that damn smell was. Eugh, he could’ve at least tipped them out. I closed them again, but he saw me. I heard his footsteps shuffling closer.

 “Danny?” He murmured, his hand running through my hair. I said nothing, trying to keep up my charade. “Please, Danny. Wake up.”  I said nothing again, wishing Damien would say something to shut him up, but alas no such look. I heard him whimpering and I opened my eyes.

“Yes, What?” I murmured as he threw his arms around me. It wasn’t as warm as the darkness or as comforting as my dreams of Australia. I remained stiff and rigid, but he didn’t let go.

"I was so worried about you. Nobody would tell me anything,” of course not, I didn’t even hear you ask.

"I had an internal bleed or something," I shrugged, looking around for Damien. "Where's Damien?" I couldn’t see much past the thing clinging to me, but as he gestured past me I noticed him picking his arm on his bed, scratching at his scabs. I smiled, but he didn’t notice. My giggle caught his attention though.

His arm began to ooze with blood and he looked up at me absently, "Hmm?"

"Oh, it's nothing. Just a thought I had," I smiled, still internally giggling at the word idol. "you're bleeding, wanna grape?" I still didn’t get why everyone thought grapes would make people better. I mean sure, they were full of vitamins and tasted nice but most people round here were depressed. What are grapes going to do?

He prodded his arm, stimulating more bleeding and he scowled. "No more grapes," I held back another giggle. My new blanket however was too busy to pay any attention; I was sorta getting sick of his obliviousness. A nurse hurried over to him and quickly and began patching him up.

 "So, I figured I needed a second opinion," I turned from Damien to Kyle, "did you kiss him?" My look was stern and I didn’t know why I had to mention it.


As soon as I looked at him he began to pick at his bandages again, but I believe that was because the nurse had gone. “Why would you need a second opinion? I already said he didn't kiss me. I know I'm a junkie, but c'mon" He looked up, "I'm not that unreliable." I firmly left my eyebrow down and level with my other.

"I heard something, I heard silence, I heard humming. I woke up, I find you snuggled sweetly in each other’s arms. Can you blame me for being suspicious?" He looked at the floor and I knew it, he was such a bad liar! "It was true, I knew you were lying Damien."

"Kyle, make an effort, love, I'm trying to save your relationship here." I sighed but said nothing. The argument that ensued was typical of our spats. It meant nothing! Yeah, I sorta believed that. But in the end, I couldn’t deal with it. I couldn’t live from darkness to argument, darkness to argument.

"Not my fault, I've missed you. I've dreamed of you. You wouldn't believe how I've waited to see you."

"Then stop bitching out and get over it. You want him, he wants you and I’m nothing more than a blip in either of your lives. What's the problem?" I laughed, oh he had no idea how much of a big blip he was. "Just stop fighting over nothing and fucking get along for once."

"Please, Danny. I just want to forget everything and start again." Yeah? Well new starts don’t come that easily – do they?

"I wanna go home," I murmured.

"How long are they keeping you in for?"

I shook my head, "I want to go back to my home I want to go back to Australia."


"I'm gonna get a job and earn some money. I can steal from my dad every now and then. When I was out, I thought it all through!"

"That's... good," I could tell he was unsure and I knew I’d missed a vital detail. Eugh, I forgot to tell him...

"You're coming with me."

"I am?"

"It'll take a few years but yeah, I was hoping." He smiled a little wider and I turned to my next offer, "Damien?"


 "I know this place... Apartments, actually. If you ever feel like running away, my father's rich and I don't care about stealing from him." He's thinks it's tax deductions.

“Where would I run to?"

"Australia. I'm offering. You and Phil." He was shocked, for one time since I’d known him I’d shocked him into silence.

“Thanks.” I shrugged, asking Kyle to pass me the plate.

“I think I’m just gonna get better and eat some grapes,” I giggled.

The End

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