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Okay, so there're some advantages to having been here enough times to have figured out where they keep the methadone, and have learnt how to steal some. Bumble around looking lost, and no one will suspect a thing when you wander into the wrong room. If someone comes in to get you, just tell them you don't know where you are, and try again later on.

This time, no one even notices. There was some emergency going on somewhere else in the hospital that a bunch of nurses had to go help with, so I was pretty much free to waltz right in there and take as much as I like. Well, near enough. But that's besides the point. I grab a couple of high dose methadone pills and some morphine, just because it's there, shove it all in my pockets and wander back again.

"You got a bag for all this?" I ask Kyle as I wander back in, ignoring the vaguely miserable expression on his face. He looks up at me, kind of confused as I pull the curtain around my bed. I dump the stuff on the bed. He arches an eyebrow at me as I take my phone out and start texting the luthier who fixes my guitars. "What's that face for?"


"'Kay. My friend says he can repair the violin by tomorrow." I tell him, reading off the text I just got back.

"Now I just have to find it." I nod.

"Well, you go find it, I'll go get the money for it." He nods and goes off to go find it, while I'm left wondering how to sneak all this crap out of the hospital.


In the end, it's not much harder than getting the pills in the first place. I walk over to my dealer's place and sell them onto him for five thousand. Smiling, I find my way back to Kyle's, plonking myself down on the sidewalk and lighting a cigarette.

"You should quit," Kyle's voice says behind me as he walks outside.

"Don't you think the heroin addiction is a bit more important?"

"If you can get over that, stopping smoking should be a walk in the park."

"Yeah, well one thing at a time, eh?" I get up, "You got a car?"


"Good. I don't fancy walking to my friend's place so much. He's a couple of towns away." He nods and goes to get the keys. When he comes back, he hands them to me. You're happy for me to drive while I'm high? ... fair enough. He says nothing about the speed I drive at, even though I get there in about half the time I usually would. I park outside his shop, not really caring if I'm parked legally or not, and get straight out, walking inside.

Kyle follows as I go straight round the back to the work shop where I know Aaron will be. I prod him and he turns around.

"Hey Damien," he smiles. Looking up, he notices Kyle behind me.  "Who's that?"

"Kyle. He's got that violin I said about."

"Oh, right, yeah," he waves Kyle over to him. "Let's see that violin then," he says as Kyle goes over, looking kinda shy. He hands it over and Aaron flips open the case, taking it out carefully to check out the damage I did. I look away from it, kind of ashamed. I dunno what had been going through my head when I did it, but I'm not fucking proud of it.

Kyle watches him as he puts it back in its case. "Shouldn't take too long to repair. Probably tomorrow evening."

"How much?"

"About six hundred." I pull some notes out of my pocket and throw them down on his work bench. Kyle bites his lip as Aaron counts and pockets it with a smile. We say nothing more to each other, and I go back out to the car, Kyle following me.

I drive back again, a little slower this time.

"Thanks," he mumbles.

"S'okay," I shrug, earning a baby of a smile in return.


When we get back, the nurses appear to have noticed my absence. They're not happy with me. They're not happy with me at all.

"Fuck off," I growl as they drag me back upstairs. Kyle goes straight to Danny, but I'm taken back to my bed, where Campbell is waiting for me, looking as annoyed as the nurses. "I was bored," I protest, shaking them off me, "you know I hate this fucking place."

"Damien, if you get bored and want to go out, you have to notify a member of staff and have an escort. You know that." I flop on my bed, refusing to talk anymore.

"It was my fault," Kyle tells him. Campbell sighs.

"I s'pose it doesn't matter - he's the same as ever," he glances at me, but I ignore him, staring at the ceiling. Kyle laughs a little and Campbell shakes his head. "Just remember to tell someone next time, Damien." He leaves. I have no doubt he'll ask me all about where I got to next time I see him. I see Kyle give a tiny smile out of the corner of my eye, but there're patterns in the ceiling. They're more interesting.

"Watching a spider or something?" he chuckles.

"No. I just never noticed there's patterns in the tiles before." He laughs. I look at him and he smiles. "Well someone's in a better mood."

"Not really," he says.

"Well, you're not crying all over the place anymore. S'good enough for me." He chuckles and I look back up at the ceiling. Kyle looks up at it too.

"I'm bored." I mutter. 


The End

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