Kyle: On My OwnMature

I kept my arms wrapped around Danny. It felt good to have him back in my arms and I wasn’t planning on letting go any time soon. I tightened my hug a little as I saw Damien a few beds away. I didn’t say anything, hoping Danny wouldn’t notice him.

"What the fuck is Damien doing here?"

No such luck, then. I shrugged, still cuddling him. Just let it drop, Danny. Please. Damien had obviously heard Damien since he curled up under a ball and tried to hide under his hospital blanket. Danny sighed.

"Try to ignore him"

"I shouldn't even be in this fucking ward."

I kissed his forehead. "You tried to kill yourself, it's only natural they'd want you here"

"I'm meant to being having an x-ray, they're still diagnosing me! I shouldn't be here, I should be in an actual ward!"

I kissed him properly. "Calm down, you'll hurt yourself"

"I don't care! I shouldn't be here, now I'm stuck in the ward with all these... people!"

I cuddled him even more but pulled back a little when he growled.

"I shouldn't be here!" he said, throwing his arms up.

Damien sat up, shaking a little. "Then fuck off!"

"Then I will!" Danny pulled himself out of bed, storming off.

A look of horror slipped onto my face. He just got hit by a train, he shouldn’t even be getting out of bed.

Damien looked like he was about to puke.

"Give it a rest, Damien" I sighed.

"You can fuck off too"

His mom let out a sigh.

"It's okay. I should probably go after Danny now"

I looked everywhere for him. I eventually found him, though, being dragged back to the ward. I felt like crying at the sight of him, screaming and moaning as he was taken back to his bed.

"Danny, please calm down"

He eventually passed out. At least he was calm, now. I sat with him til he woke up screaming. I was at his side in an instant, wrapping my arms around him.

"But it hurts!"

"Sorry" I said, wondering where I’d hurt him.

"No, get off me! Get off!"

I let go, wondering what it was I’d done.

"Get a fucking doctor, idiot!"

It took me a second or two to gather up the sense to actually move. I went and got a doctor, practically begging him to go check on Danny. I felt panic start to rise when we got back to him. There was blood seeping through the bed sheets. The doctor fussed over him, telling the nurses something but none of it made sense to me. They wheeled him off, giving me nothing more than "I'm sorry but you'll have to stay here."

"What's going on?" I asked desperately but nobody answered me.

Damien looked round. "Is he dying?"

"I don't know, no one's telling me anything" I said, dangerously close to tears.

 "Want me to get you a drink?" Damien’s mom asked me.

Damien looked kind of pissed off that she was being nice to me but I ignored it. Especially considering she ignored it as well.

"Uh... yeah, thanks" I said after a while once I remembered how to talk without crying.

She patted me on the shoulder and went off to get me a drink. Damien pretended I wasn’t there and to be honest, I didn’t mind. I was just sat there sniffling anyway. He rolled over, facing away from me when I started crying.

"Sorry" he said quietly.

"Hmm?" I asked, wiping my eyes.

"It's my fault he's here. Sorry."

I gave him a weak smile. "It's okay, it's my fault as well"

He said nothing and I sniffled again. His mom came back and gave me a cup of coffee. I wiped my eyes again.


"No problem, honey. Just let me know if you need anything else" she smiled and I gave her a weak smile back.

She went and sat back with Damien. He just kind of glared at here. I stayed sat where I was, not really paying attention to anything. Damien’s mom pushed his hair out of his face, ignoring the glares he was sending her.

"I wanna go home" he mumbled.

"I know. I tried calling Phil's parents, to see if they might let him see you. I didn't get an answer, but I'll try again later"

 "What's the point? You know they won't let him"

His mom sighed, not exactly looking pleased with him. I just sat there, neglecting my coffee. I’d just about managed to stop crying when Danny’s mom showed up.

"Where is he? I have to go to a meeting soon."

"I... I don't know. They took him off somewhere"

"Is a meeting really more important than your son?" Damien asked irritably.

"That little twat is making me late! Eugh, just tell him I was here."

"O-okay" I sniffled but Damien sat up.

"Who gives a fuck if you're late?" he asked, pissed off.

"Hey? Who's gonna pay for this little twats health bill?"

"Does it matter? He's your son!"

"I don't care, he's expensive!"

Tears started streaming down my cheeks again. Why couldn’t everyone just get along for five seconds?

"Wow, and I thought    I     didn't like him"

"I don't have to take advice from you. Great, now I'm even more fucking late!" she growled, storming out.

"Bitch!" he yelled after her but she ignored him.

I sniffled. "Thanks"

Damien looked agitated.

"Seriously, thank you. You didn't have to do that"

"What a whore"

I was silent at that.

"I need to go punch something" he said and got up, walking away.



"I don't wanna be on my own right now" I mumbled.

He shrugged. "Nothing's stopping you from following me" he said and started walking again.

I hesitated a while before following him.

The End

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