Danny: Lies.Mature

Then my phone vibrated, I wondered who the hell it could be, then I remembered one of the idiots stealing my phone in class. Eugh. What did they want? I had to admit I was curious. I flipped open my phone and read the text, clicking another button to see the picture attachment... My face drained of all colour and I swallowed deeply. “Liar,” I whispered.


"You fucking liar!" I spat.

He looked confused, as if he had no idea. Course not, how could you not know when someone has his hand on your dick? No wonder he was so comfortable with kissing me! "What?"

"You said nothing happened. I trusted you. I loved you again and you lied!" I pulled the I.V from my arm and stood, pointing at him with my left arm, my right still not working properly. Luckily, I still had my legs although my chest burned.

"What're you talking about?" Just own up! I know, you can drop the charade!

I threw my phone at him but he dodged, making it smash against the wall. "What the fuck were you doing with Damien's hand in your pants?!"

His face fell. Oh, now you know what you were doing. "Oh... Listen, I can explain."

"You fucking liar! Why didn't that train just kill me there?" Tears fell down my cheeks, hot searing tears like the pain that was burning in my stomach. Of course. The train was stopping, the force was so mild I was just concussed from the shock, oh you fucking idiot.

"No, Danny, please listen to me" He wrapped his arms around me and I still felt comfortable in them, I was still partly in shock and I didn’t want to push him away.

I cried into his shoulder, cursing that horrible dress I was wearing. "I should be dead."

"No you shouldn't. I love you, Danny,” I paused, swallowing hard. I’ve been waiting an eternity for those words and now the guy that speaks them is just trying to cover up his damn tracks.

"How can I believe that? Unless the photo was photo shopped. Doubt it. Looked pretty fucking real." -pushes him away after a little while- "I loved you! I really did, I thought maybe I finally met someone I could live with. But no, at least I told you. I wasn't trying to cover up that I slept with Alex. But... you..."

"Please, just let me explain."

"How do I know you're telling the truth?"

"I wouldn't lie to you." Ha, don’t make me laugh.

"Then what was that earlier?"

"What was what?"

"Oh, nothing happened between me and Damien, Danny. Oh, I'm so hurt. How could you think anything was wrong Danny?" I mocked.

"Nothing did happen. Yeah that picture's real but there was a motive behind it, believe me"

"Motive? Oh I know about having motives to sleep with someone Kyle!"

He looked at his feet, yeah. I’m glad you’re ashamed of yourself whore. "I was trying to get him to leave you alone"

"By fucking him?!"

"I didn't fuck him!"

"You pretty damn close! Oh... oh! So that's why he went back to your house later. To finish what he started! How was I so blind!?"

"Danny, please listen to me," he pleaded. I didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t want any of it.

"I don't think I want to. At least now I know why you were so eager to see me, why you were suddenly so warmed up to the idea of being a guy. I wanted... I wanted..." He looked away from me, "that doesn't matter now, does it?"

"I want you, Danny. I don't want anyone else."

"Really?" I looked at him in disbelief, "I love you but, I don't know if I can trust you."

"I only did what I did to knock him back down. I figured if he's getting bullied again, he can't do anything to you."

"I wish there was another way than letting him... I mean, I don't even want to think- I feel-" I ran off, just making it to the bathroom cubicles in time to throw my head over the rim of the toilet. Kyle must’ve followed me because I felt him rubbing my back, "I don't believe it, it's so... eugh." I gagged and he kept rubbing, "Disgusting, it's all disgusting."

I got up in his silence and hobbled back to my room. He watched me go and tried to help me as I crashed into the walls. "I don't need your help; I know what happened when you tried to help me last time." He bit his lip and I sipped water to get rid of the horrid taste in my mouth, "I have no idea what to do." He looked at his feet and I bit back a curse. "You can't even look at me, don't worry. I know I look like a fucking mess."

He looked up, "You look beautiful to me." Heh, I know I didn’t have surgery, I know I was only out for a little while. I had an ache in my stomach and I could see red out of the corner of my eye. Other than that, I had no idea how badly I looked. The doctor also mentioned something to me about having an x-ray to examine the pain in my stomach. I hate hospitals.

I closed my eyes, "yeah. Well. I guess everyone deserves a second chance," I growled before opening my eyes again. "You're lucky I still can't let you go." I have no idea what I was doing – I guess I just made a leap of faith.

He smiled, "I love you. I realised it when you were walking away," you never know what you’ve got till you’ve lost it... I sighed.

"Yeah well, I love you too," I looked away, "Idiot," I murmured, trying not to smile. He chuckled and I smiled slightly, lifting my working arm, "Come here, fool,” he almost jumped at me, wrapping his arms around my back. And I hugged him as best I could. I must admit, I did still feel like I was home in his arms. Despite everything, I suppose he gave me a second chance after Alex, I gave him a second chance after Damien. Now, we were even, maybe we could be happy now...

The End

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