Kyle: EmptinessMature


It took effort not to cry as Danny walked away. I mean like serious effort. I clamped my teeth down on my lip to and tried and focus on something else but it wasn’t working. Well how could it? Danny was fucking leaving me. We’d just gotten back together and he was walking out on me. I heard Damien sigh and felt his arms wrap around me. I shoved him off. Don’t even fucking touch me.

He shrugged. “Whatever, man. See y’around” he said, walking off.

I choked out a sob. Danny was fucking leaving me.

“Y’know where I live if you need a drink”

I slumped to my knees. He wasn’t leaving me, he’d left me. He’d made up his mind in there that he din’t want me anymore. In fact, he probably made his mind up at whatever bar he was at last night. Fuck it, he was probably back with Alex. Damien looked back at me and kind of hesitated. I choked out another sob. I was vaguely aware of what I think was a hand being offered to me but I just sat there, trying to hold back the sobs that wanted to break through. I felt Damien haul me up and march me inside. I let him. I didn’t care anymore. He sat me down on the couch.

“Stay there” he said, getting his car keys.

I did as he said, letting out a sob every now and then. To be honest, I was beyond caring if I cried.

Damien frowned. “Actually, you’re coming with me” he said, pulling me back up and sort of shoving me into his car once we were outside.

I let him again. I seriously did not care what he was planning on doing. He could fucking torture me and I wouldn’t care. I wouldn’t even feel it. The only thing I could feel was the emptiness without Danny there. Damien drove around in no particular direction. That’s weird, what was he doing? The further we drove, the more pissed off he started to look. I let out a quiet sob every now and then, tears streaming freely down my face.

“Where the fuck did he go?”

“What does it matter? He’s left me” I mumbled. I guess he’d been looking for Danny when he was driving, then.

“Personally, I would suggest that if you want him, you should find him and make up with him before he sees those pictures”

“He’ll never take me back”

“You gotta at least try”

I was vaguely aware of my phone ringing but I didn’t want to answer it. The only person I wanted to speak to was Danny and he couldn’t even stand me.

“What’s the point?”

My phone still rang persistently, begging to be answered. I knew it wouldn’t be Danny, though.

“I dunno. What was the point of you stopping me from spending all night trying to get run over?"

My cell phone gave up then. Whoever it was could leave a message, if they wanted to speak to me that much. Damien grabbed my phone from my pocket, putting my phone on loudspeaker to listen to it.

"Hello? This is Dr. Harrod, we have someone here by the name of Daniel Kent. You were the only person on his phone. He didn't want us to ring his parents. Please call back as soon as you get this message."

Damien called back, keeping the phone on loudspeaker.

“Hello, is this... Kyle?” the guy on the phone asked.

I stayed silent. He wasn’t Danny. I didn’t want to speak to him.

"No, but you're on loud speaker and Kyle's with me.”

"I suggest you get down here. Something's happened. I'd rather tell you in person.”

The car suddenly sped up as Damien hung up, throwing my phone into the back of the car. I heard it thump gently against the backseat. Where were we going? I just wanted to go home and curl up in bed. He swerved into the hospital car park and parked across three bays. Why were we at the hospital...?

The End

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