Kyle: In English?Mature

A few hours later and I sat back, admiring my handiwork. Everyone had had a picture of me and Damien sent to them at least once. Hell, I even got one. Oh boy, Damien was gonna love me tomorrow. Wait... wasn’t that him sneaking over to Danny’s place? I stormed out of my house, marching over and seeing that it was indeed Damien.

“What did I fucking say?” I spat.

“I’m delivering a lovely little note from Josh”

“Josh can fuck off as well”

“Well, as they say, don’t hurt the messenger” he said, posting the note through the door.

I pinned him against the door. “What did it say?”

He shrugged. “Something along the lines of ‘you’re a dead faggot’. I dunno. I didn’t read it”

I pressed down his throat a little. The bastard didn’t deserve to be breathing.

“I said don’t hurt the messenger”

“Not even if the messenger deserves it?”

“Why would he deserve it? All I did was stick it through his door. I didn’t write it”

I pressed down on his throat a little more.

“What happened to keeping things non-physical?” he asked, his breathing a little harder.

“I changed my mind”

He smiled and I pressed down a tiny bit more. His breath caught in his throat but he didn’t struggle. I held him like that for a while before letting go.

“You’re not even worth it”

“What am I worth? Am I worth that date?” he chuckled.

“You’re pathetic”

“I’ve heard that one before”

“Leave Danny alone. I’m only gonna say it so many times”

“I haven’t done anything. I passed on a message, that’s all. Don’t like it? Take that up with Josh”

I clenched my jaw.

“Yeah, didn’t think so, hotshot”

I pressed down on his throat again. He should really learn when to shut his mouth.

“Thought I wasn’t worth it?” he said, sounding kind of bored.

I didn’t say anything.

“So c’mon then. What about that date?” he smiled, his hands moving down to my hips.

“You’re kidding, right?”

He pulled me closer, linking his hands in the small of my back. “Not even a kiss?”

“Fuck off” I growled.

He pushed his hips into mine and I glared, trying to shove him off. He leant forward, kissing me. I didn’t react.

“Shame. You’re a good kisser, y’know. Anyway, if you’re done pretending to strangle me and you’re not gonna kiss me, then can I go?”

“Get the fuck out of here and leave Danny alone”

“Will do, doll” he said, pecking me on the lips.

I growled, making him smile.

“Fuck off, Damien”

He starting walking off. “Did I ever tell you you’re kinda hot?” he said, still walking.

“Fuck off!”

He laughed and I did my best to ignore him, calling Danny.

“Danny, any rumours you hear, ignore them” I said, the second he answered.

“I don’t care anymore, Kyle. He defaced my violin!” he shouted.

“He what?” That fucking asshole.

“He cut my strings and-” he paused, “carved fag into the back of it. I don’t care about being tripped, but that was-” he paused again. It kind of sounded like he was drinking something. “My... violin” he started crying and I wanted nothing more than to go and hug him.

But then there was that hate note...

“Danny, I’m so sorry”

“Its fine, I still have another-” another pause, “beer, please!” he called. “$30 for booze”

“Where are you?”

“Some bar, I think it’s called Shots” he hicced.

I sighed. I guess I can deal with that hate note, then. “Is there a spare key to your front door anywhere?”

“Mum hides one in the plant pot. Dunno why”



“I locked myself out and figured I’d crash at your place”

“Sure I-” he hiccupped, “don’t expec’ me hume”

“And in English?” I chuckled.

He hung up with a growl and I sighed, getting the spare key from its hiding place in the plant pot. I didn’t read the note. I couldn’t trust myself to keep calm. I snuck upstairs into Danny’s room, flopping onto his bed. Maybe I should’ve gone to find him...

The End

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