Kyle: Let Me ExplainMature

I broke it off with Asha as lightly as I could. I told her things weren’t working out but I wanted to stay friends because I really did care for her. Which wasn’t exactly a lie. She cried. A lot. And told me I was a pig and that I only ever played with her feelings. Long story short, we’re not friends anymore.

And the next day, to try and make up, me and Danny went and mooched around at the park. Weirdly enough, there were quite a few of the younger kids around. And the little fuckers had stolen all the swings so me and Danny ended up on a bench.

"Asha kind of hates me now" I said after a while.

"I didn't mean to hurt anyone..."

I shrugged. "I was only going out with her to spite you"


"Yeah, I suck like that"

"And to think I was going to actually harm myself," he laughed awkwardly, swinging his feet.


"Oh, train station... never mind."

"So you were what? Gonna throw yourself in front of a train?"

"Of course not," he blushed.

I stroked his cheek, silently willing him to tell me just how close I came to losing him.

"I'd lost everything... there was no other way."

I opened my arms for a hug. "C'mere, idiot"

He hugged me and I cuddled him back.

"No matter how bad things get, you don't ever do that, okay?"

"What if I lose you again?"

"Then you keep your head high and you carry on"

"I-" he paused, "fine."

"There's always gonna be someone else out there. I want you to remember that"

"Yeah, of course,"

I kissed his nose, making him giggle. I hummed, kissing him properly. He kissed back with a smile, his arms linked at my back. Shouting distracted me and I looked over at where it was coming from, seeing Damien and some guy. Danny reluctantly looked over as well and just in time to see the guy trying to restrain Damien. And kind of failing at it. I arched an eyebrow at them and Danny didn’t loosen his hold on me.

"You fucking faggot! You filthy hypocritical bastard!" Damien yelled as he stormed over.

The guy grabbed his arm but he shook him off.

Danny instantly stood between me and Damien. "What's your problem?"

"Let him say what he wants" I said and Damien tried to shove Danny aside.

"You spend    years     tormenting kids like me, and suddenly, you're just as bad as the rest of us?"

"As bad? There's nothing wrong with the rest of us!" Danny sort of shouted.

"If you looked deep enough into it, I picked on you guys for a reason"

Danny sighed, sitting back down.

"Because you're a fag! You, sunshine, were so far in the closet you were having a nice chat with the people in Narnia! Sure,    now     it's fucking obvious. Tell you what else was fucking obvious. You're a dick, a worthless piece of shit, lower than the rest of us" Damien yelled, punching me, "faggot bastard"

Danny hit him. "And you can back off! You're not much better! You complained about how Cancer hurt you, now you're just doing the same!"

"Yeah, well maybe Cancer had the right fucking idea"

"Then you and Phil'll go down with the rest of us!"

"The both of you, stop it!" I shouted.

"Back off, prick"

I sighed. "Damien, I've said it before and I'll say it again; I'm sorry. I picked on you just like I picked on Danny and the others to try and give you a chance at living to see the end of high school. I know that probably doesn't make sense but just let me explain it"

Danny shuffled over to that Phil guy and Damien laughed.

"I nearly didn't live to see the end of high school, because of    you    "

"I tried to keep things to a minimum, I swear but I can't tell the boys what they can and can't do"

"Sure you did"

"Let me explain it, Damien"

"Come on, please, we're doing nothing wrong here now! You don't need to explain anything." Danny pleaded.

"I don't want to hear a fucking explanation. What kind of explanation can a hypocrite offer, anyway?" Damien spat at me.

"Phil, please, do something!" Danny pleaded but this Phil guy just shrugged.

"Well I'm fucking giving you one anyway. If I start picking on someone, in the eyes of other bullies that makes them my property; mine to bully. I never fucking touched anyone. I kept things as minimal as I could without losing my claim on anyone. It's not my fucking fault that backfired on you!" I shouted.

"I wish Cancer was here! From what you say, he'd put you in your place!"

"How is that not your fault? I'd rather get a beating than that" he turned to Danny. "Fuck off, pansy boy, no one asked for your input"

"Leave him out of this"

"Pansy boy? You're just insulting yourself! And you asked for my opinion when you started picking on my boyfriend!" Danny turned to me."I won't let him just get away with it," he said and turned back to Kyle. "You're the hypocrite!"

Damien punched Danny in the crotch. Dude, that’s just harsh. "I told you to fucking stay out of it"

Danny let out a tiny whimper before falling to the ground.

I punched Damien square in the face, right on his broken fucking nose. "And I told you to leave him out of it"

He punched back, the both of us ignoring Danny’s whines.

"I don't know what you did, Damien, but you did something that marked you out as fair game and every bully in the school came crashing down on your ass. And you can blame me as much as you want but that's still not my fucking fault"

Damien was about to hit me again but the guy Phil grabbed him, dragging him back.

"That's enough, Damien"

Damien scrabbled about trying to get him to let go.

"Thanks," Danny squeaked out.

I was still ready for a fight. I’m not a particularly violent person but if you get me riled up enough...

“Kyle, leave him!" Danny said, trying to get up.

I offered him a hand. "He fucking deserves it"

"Thanks," he shook his head, "no, I understand how Damien feels."

Damien stopped struggling and Phil let go, just in time for Damien to launch himself at me. We both got a few punches in and I did kick him in the balls at some point. Phil dragged him off again.

"Phil, keep your dog on a leash!" Danny shouted and I wiped some blood off my lip.

Phil tackled Damien to the ground, keeping him there. "Maybe you guys should find somewhere else to hang out for now"

"Good idea, come on Kyle."

I glared at Damien who was trying not to cry. What a fucking pansy.

"Kyle! Stop fighting! All I want is to be happy with you and for that to happen, we have to go."

I relaxed after a while, putting an arm round Danny’s shoulders. Phil kept him held down and Danny wiped some more blood off my lip.

"Thank you." He said,

"No problem"

He smiled, kissing my cheek. I smiled back and Phil ended up sat on Damien.

"Care to hurry up?"

"Fine," Danny hissed and Phil held his hands up defensively.

"Don't look at me like that. It's not my fault Damien has issues with Kyle"

"No, I know. But Damien... I don't know what the hell happened. I liked you as well..."

"Hurry up and fuck off, faggot" Damien said, kind of upset.

"C'mon, let's go" I said and Danny nodded.

We walked off, not really heading anywhere in particular. Why did I get the feeling that was gonna come back to bite me in the ass?

The End

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