Kyle: I Hate YouMature

I was kind of upset when Danny left but it’s only natural he’d want some time to himself. I lounged around at home the next day, not really feeling like going to school. I thought about going to see Danny a couple times but I was kind of comfy where I was. I got bored, eventually, and decided to go over and see how he was.

"Hey, Kyle." His mom greeted me as she opened the door.

"Hi, is Danny in?"

"No..." she murmured, concerned, "I thought he stayed at yours last night."

I arched an eyebrow. "No"

"So... where is he? Oh he's hurt isn't he! You sure you don't know?"

"No. I mean, Alex showed up but..."

"Alex? He's in Australia!"

"Not anymore"

She looked at her watch. "I'm sorry, it's been good but I have to go to a meeting."

"Oh, okay. Do you mind if I wait here for him?"

"Sure, go ahead,"

"Thanks" I smiled and went inside.

She shut the door behind her and I made myself at home on the couch, not bothering to switch on the TV. When Danny did eventually show up, he wandered in with his hair more messed up than usually and the zip on his pants was broken. I barely noticed, though I was too busy being all happy that he was home.

"Kyle!" he looked shocked to see me.

"Hey" I smiled.

"Hey, what're you doing here?"

"I came over to see how you were doing"

"Oh uh, I'm fine."

"What happened to your zip?"

"Uh, it broke."

I laughed. "I can see that"

He smiled, "I uh... I need to get a shower."

"No hug?" I flashed him the puppy eyes.

"Oh, yeah, sure," he hugged me and I cuddled him.

"You smell weird"

"That's why I need a shower,"

"Mmm, okay"

I have to admit, I was a tiny bit suspicious as he rushed upstairs. I sat back down on the couch and all of a sudden everything started piecing itself together. The hair, the busted zipper, the weird smell. Add Alex to the mix and there’s your answer.

He came back downstairs and sat on the other couch. What, you can’t even bear to be near me now?

"What've you been up to, then?" I asked, seeing if he’d say anything about it.

"Huh? Nothing."

"Huh" I guess not.



The two of us were silent for a while.

"Where were you?" I asked quietly.

"I..I went to the hospital, they kept me in over-night."

"How come your mom had no idea where you were?"

"You're not allowed phones in the hospital."

"So how come she thought you were at mine?"

"I guess she just figured, she doesn't care where I am so she comes up with something to make herself feel good," he paused.

I didn’t believe him. I mean, I guess it made sense but I couldn’t completely believe him. He was silent which didn’t exactly help.



I opened my mouth to say something but changed my mind, sighing instead. "Forget it"

"Okay! I slept with Alex!" He cried, "I didn't want to, I didn't even think, it just happened. It was a stupid mistake!"

"I knew it" I said quietly.

"I'm sorry!"

I was silent.

"Kyle please..."

Still silent.

He got up, moving over to the couch I was on, sitting with me. "Please, I didn't mean anything by it!"

I looked away from him.

"Kyle, it was a mistake, I wasn't thinking, he apologised for everything and said those things he used to."

"...I think I should go"

"Kyle no, please, stay~!"

"I'm trying to stay calm right now, Danny"

"I'm sorry!" he went to hug me and I stood up, avoiding his arms. "Kyle!" he whimpered.

I was silent again. What was I s’posed to say?

"Please, I love you!"

There were tears tugging at the corners of my eyes but I refused to let them fall. "I hate you"

"Kyle please, believe me! It was a mistake, I don't want to lose you over this!"

I sniffled, still holding back the tears. "I fucking hate you"

"Kyle!" he started crying and I started walking out.

He grabbed my arm. "I'll play for you, I'll.. I'll do anything!"

"Leave me alone" I said coldly.


What part of ‘leave me alone’ don’t you understand?


I turned to face him, not giving a fuck about holding back tears anymore. "I hate you. You're a pathetic little faggot and I never want to see you again"

He let go of me. "Kyle!"

I wiped my eyes. Man up, pansy. Guys don’t cry over pointless shit like this.

"Kyle, I love you. I do, please, don't do this. It was a mistake and I've said sorry and hundred times!"

"Fuck off" I said and left.

"KYLE! NO!" 'no' was prolonged by his staggered sobbing.

I ignored the sobs. I ignored the hurt in his voice. I ignored him crying and leaning into the doorframe, watching as I left.

“I love you," he whispered.

I fucked off back home, slamming the door behind me. I ignored as Mom asked where I’d been and if I was okay. I marched straight up to my room and buried my head in my pillow. But after a while, the tears weren’t cold, sad tears. They were warm. More than warm. They were fucking scalding. Because I was angry. I was angry and I was hurt. I wiped my eyes and steadied my voice before grabbing my cell phone.

“Hey, Asha. Fancy giving us another shot?”

The End

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