Danny: SupermanMature

After leaving Damien, I began to wonder. I always thought it was fine, Alex never hurt me really. Sure, he was a little rough sometimes but he had never truly hurt me and when a nurse came up to me and asked if I needed checking over I realised how bad I must’ve looked. I sighed, now Alex was hanging around the town and causing havoc. I looked around and sighed. I needed to do something about it, but Kyle was hanging on my every note.

So I simply told him that I had to go explain to my mum why I was like this. I lied, that night I disappeared into town checking every bar and strip joints, I forgot to say he was bi. I never knew why he stuck around for me. That’s where I found him.

The strip joint was full of women in skimpy clothes dancing erotically. Mmm, it did nothing for me; I just watched them with a sigh before turning to look around. That’s where I saw him, beer in one hand and a woman in the other. I looked at him and he saw me looking, dumping the woman he walked over to me. “I knew you couldn’t stay away,” I shook my head.

“That’s not why I’m here. I wanted to ask why you beat on Damien, he did nothing to you!” I looked at him with daggers, but his eyes were sympathetic and I started to wish I never came.

“I’m sorry, I was angry over losing you! I thought we were so good together,” he looked at me and my eyes softened as he kissed me. “Come on, for old times?”

Before I knew it, in a fraction of a second I was being dragged to his hotel, his arms all over me again. What was worse, I never really thought of Kyle. He kissed down my neck, slowly undressing me. “Oh, look at these bruises...” he whispered, “I’m so sorry.” I simply hummed.

He kissed me. His body was soft and warm, just as I remembered it. I didn’t really do anything; I just let him do the ‘reunion.’

“I love those eyes, chocolate. Because I can melt so easily in them,” he whispered and I gasped.

“I missed you...” I murmured and he smiled, taking every last word from my mouth.

The End

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