Damien: becoming Alex's punch bagMature

In my blind anger, I just walk in any direction my feet take me. I walk and walk and walk, and walk right into someone's fist. I stagger back, dazed, but I don't retaliate. In all honesty, it saves me having to lie to my mom why my sheets have blood on them again. I barely look at the guy hitting me - it could be anyone. I take every blow quietly and my silence seems to just anger him more. He punches harder and at some point, I end up on the floor with a broken nose.

He fucks off and leaves me there like that. I close my eyes and enjoy the pain rushing around my body for a couple of minutes. After a while, I push myself up and shuffle back to lean on the nearest wall pulling up my shirt to take a look at the bruises spreading across my stomach. I let it drop and thump my head back against the wall gently.

I smile slightly at the ache as I roll that joint. Humming a random tune, I light up and let the world go all shiny and happy.

"Oh God, Damien!" I hear somewhere off in the distance. I'd look around, but if I do that, I'll lose the staring contest with the face in the wall opposite me. Footsteps get closer to me, one set hurried, the other set a little slower. "Damien are you okay?"

Shh, don't distract me while I'm busy. Y'know what I've never noticed before? That wall's kinda shiny.

Danny sighs, bending over me with a groan to check me over. He gets in the way and makes me blink. I kind of spaz out at that, shoving him away with a horrified look on my face. He yelps, but checks me over again.

"He's got a broken nose and a few bruises, he should be okay." A few bruises? Sorry, Danny boy, but have you seen my stomach? I look up at him slowly, about to ask him what he's doing here, when I see Kyle kind of hovering behind him. As shiny and lovely as he looks, I don't want him anywhere near me. I push myself up, stiff and achey from sitting there for so long and stumble off. Or, I try to. I use the wall for support, but it runs out and I kind of... fall over a bit. Yeah. Smooth. Doesn't stop me though. I'll just have to deal with not having a wall.

 I'm vaguely aware of Damien saying something along the lines of me needing something checked out, and a pair of hands stopping me. I try to keep moving, but the hands that have a hold of me won't let me.

"Damien, please. Where's Phil?"

"Phil? He'll be at home," I giggle, "gerroff me."

"Well, at least let me check out your nose... do you know who did this?" what about my nose, now?

"No. Can I be his punch bag again? It was fun."

"You're high, Christ," Danny says, trying to look at my nose as best he can. Y'know, if those hands on me aren't Danny's, they must be Kyle's. I dunno if I can even be bothered anymore.

"I'm not high, you're just very, very shiny."

"Let me look," Kyle says.

"Fine," he steps out of the way and let's Kyle take a look.

"You need to go to the emergency room or it won't set straight." Well I coulda told you that. Prick.

"Pfft, nonsense, let me try," Danny says, and Kyle just lets him. That's it. You let someone who has no idea what they're doing have a go at setting my nose. "Rather go to hospital and get arrested for drugs?" he asks when he notices I'm not exactly too happy about all this. I nod. Of course I would. He sighs, "Fine, I'll get us a taxi."


By the time we get to the hospital, nothing's shiny anymore, and nothing's happy. And I'm in quite a lot of pain. "I don't know why you didn't let me set it..." Danny.

"Even when I'm high, I'm not stupid enough to let an idiot set my nose."

"I know first aid thanks!"

Kyle sort of prods me, "Be nice, Damien." I slap his hand away and tell him to fuck off. Why're either of them even here?

"So what did he look like, you remember?" Danny asks. I shrug.

"I dunno. Big, red hair? Honestly, I was more interested in being his punch bag."

"Alex? Humph, he would definitely do this..." Who's Alex...?

"Oh, so he's a thug as well? Makes sense, I guess," Kyle says.

"He gets angry he'll attack anyone, the bastard. Why could he just leave it at me? I'm sorry, Damien."

"Why're you apologising? I don't care."

"Because I do."

"Well I don't. Why are you here? Fuck off back to whatever it was you were gonna do before you found me."

"Because I thought you might've been hurt. Sorry I cared. I'm still picking up your bill." I am hurt; I got beat up by a guy called Alex for no reason other than he felt like it. I don't say anything, in case I say something I'll regret. "I hope it heals soon, want me to find Phil?"


"Get better soon," he says, walking off to go deal with paper work. Kyle, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be so bothered by my foul mood, and stays behind with me. I don't say anything to him. What is there to be said?

"Damien..." I still say nothing. "Damien, please answer me." I don't. "What can I do to make things up to you?"

"Go back in time and make my dad go out and buy some condoms," I say after a long pause. He frowns and I look over at him.

"Don't say stuff like that." Why not?

"Kyle?" Danny's voice comes from the doorway, making him jump. "C'mon, let's go." Kyle glances at me and sighs again.


"He'll be fine, I'm sure." Kyle nods, and the two of them leave together. I watch them go until the door closes and I can't see them anymore.

"Fucking faggots," I growl, twisting to punch the wall.


The End

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