Danny: FantasyMature

I hate myself. I really do, why did I have to fuck everything up?  I got up that morning with a moan. But I knew what I was going to do. I went into school and asked everyone until I found Josh Quinn. In my rage a thousand things happened, words were exchanged and I ended up on the floor with a pain in my sides and my left eye seemed plastered shut. But across from me, Quinn lay screaming in agony and clutching his leg that sat in an awkward angle. I won.

 I almost ran home. I was only afternoon by then. I sorta, had a complication at school. But Kyle remained true to his word and never went to school. I knocked on his door. He opened it.

"I won."

"I told you not to go after him,” he growled, tugging me inside.

"Well I did, and I won. Okay. I've been kicked out of school for two weeks but he got beaten by a 'fag' and he has a broken leg..."

His face dropped. “What?”

"Well. I got kicked outta school for fighting. People are now spreading the word that 'Josh Quinn beaten by gay new kid' and I gave him a broken leg so he won't be around for a while."

He groaned, "And you're now gonna be on the top of every bully in the school's list"

"And I'll beat them all," I smiled, "it was worth it and on the upside, you can stop looking out for me." He shook his head slowly and my face dropped, "What?"

"You're forgetting I'm one of those bullies." Yeah. He was right. I was.

"Then you're gonna be out for me too? I could never hurt you... that's unfair."

"I have a reputation to keep. I'd never physically hurt someone, though."

"Of course." I thought of how I thought and how much more it would hurt me, his taunts. "Maybe... maybe I should just drop out, I only have one year left and my mum'll let me. What d'ya think?"

He answered me before I had even finished. "Don't."

"I'm sure you know by now. So there's no point in hiding it." I sighed, "Kyle, I could deal with the beatings. I could deal with the 'fag' jokes. But your taunting me hurts most of all and seeing you like that in school? I can't. It'll be easier this way. That and you can go do whatever you want without being worried about being seen with me in public."

He frowned. "I don't care about being seen with you in public."

"What about in front of your 'friends?'"

"I never see them out of school." Great friends you have there, Kyle.

"Mhmm. It'll be easier. I can't deal with you being like that in school and so kind outside of school."

"Danny..." I looked at him silently, waiting for him to continue. "Please don't."

"Why, I'm just trying to save myself from hurt. What's wrong with that?" He looked at his feet. He was thinking and as an impulse I kissed his cheek softly. He looked up and tensed a little, but he didn’t say anything. "Stop worrying about me, I'll be fine. Gotta take a few weeks off to let my bruises go down anyway. I still have my violin." He smiled a little and I smiled back. "That's better. Don't ever frown, okay? Everything'll be okay."

“If you say so.”

“What’s bugging you?”

“Danny, I...”


He looked at me for a while, then he leant closer, his lips pushing onto mine and I felt my heart stop.


He blushed, "I'm not sure why I did that."

"It...Its fine... did you, like it?"

"I... I don't know."

I bit my lip, "Because, I really want to kiss you back..."

"...Go for it."

I leant in, my hand on his shoulder as I pushed my lips to his. He awkwardly kissed me back and I pulled back, blushing, "Umm...” He blushed as well and I looked at him with new life. "Are you okay?"

"I... Yeah."

"Well uh- I wasn't expecting that. I was gonna invite you over tonight as well. Mum's out and I thought you'd be angry at me so I was gonna throw a sleepover with beer..."

"We still could.... I mean, as long as you still wanted to."

"Sure," I smiled, relieved he hadn’t said no.

I smiled back, "this had to happen when I'm covered in bruises with a horrible black eye," I laughed slightly.

He chuckled. "You still look funny to me."

"Thanks a lot!" I whined, pushing him playfully.

He laughed, then his face fell a little. "Promise me you won't quit school?"

"I-" I froze, now it would just be worse.


“O-Okay. I promise.”

He smiled. "Thank you."

"Just, when you slap me round the head in maths, not so hard... you give me a concussion."

He chuckled, "Sorry about that."

"It's fine. I know you don't mean it. Right?"

"Why would I mean it?"

I smiled, kissing him softly; I couldn’t keep my lips from his. I was just so happy now. "I dunno why you ever would." He hummed and I stood, "Well I best get cleaned up for tonight, I'm came straight from school to here."

"What time do you want me there?"

"Whenever you want," I shrugged, walking to his door. "About 6-ish I guess."

He smiled and followed me to the door. "Okay."

I wrapped my arms around him, "I'll, see you later then?" He nodded and I kissed his cheek, almost skipping down the street to my house. “Bye!”

He laughed. "See you later."

The End

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