Danny: Over AmbitiousMature

Oh. My. God. I did not just say he was cute! Sure, he had a good structure, fine facial features but to say he was cute, ugh. This night was going so well too. At least he didn’t seem to mind so much. Still, this guy picked on gays and I just said I thought he was cute, am I fucked up or what?

Amidst the silence I realise he said something. Food, or whatever. I offered him pizza and he agreed. Mum and Dad were out so, they still didn’t trust me to cook. I picked up the phone and ordered a large pizza. I didn’t eat much anyway. When I walked back upstairs again he was still sprawled across my bed. “Hey, I’m gonna watch TV. Wanna come?” He nodded and followed me downstairs.

I flopped in front of the giant wide-screen TV that was bolted to the wall. You know one of those that are far too big and are way too O.T.T? He gasped, but I wasn’t bothered. I was used to the TV. Father liked to watch ‘the game.’ Not just the TV but we had all the games consoles and leather upholstered seats. I was very rarely in here, I hated watching sports.

"Y'know. I didn't mean what I said earlier." I thought I’d get things straight, but he seemed to have forgotten already.


"About you being cute," I reminded.

He looked at me and smirked and I gazed into his eyes for the first time. They were a beautiful shade of green and I blinked, lost in their beauty. "Sure you didn't."

"I- How could I-... I really didn't." My words were slurred and probably incoherent. I was too busy looking at him. His shock of blonde hair that was almost white. Wow, he really was cute.

 He reached over and ruffled my hair, "Chill," he muttered. I felt the heat flush into my cheeks and I knew I was blushing again. I couldn’t let him know how I felt...  Luckily though the pizza guy came and I pulled myself up to answer it. He grabbed a slice, “nom.”

I lifted a brow at him, I had never known anyone that had said that while eating. "Did you seriously just say nom?" I giggled and he nodded with a grin. We sorta sat in silence for a while, eating pizza and watching TV. I was content like that; it took my attention off of him for a while.

 "So what do you think of the place so far?" But he had to talk and my attention was focused back on him again.

"I think it has its perks, good music store. The people aren't that bad. I guess it was just the shock of moving," I smiled back, looking at him for a moment.

"Probably something like that."

"Yeah, I'm sorry for being such a little bitch."

 "No worries, man,” he smiled. His smile was so sweet and looking at him for a moment turned into a long while. I took in everything. He didn’t really notice until he turned for more pizza. “What?”


“You were staring at me.”

“I wasn’t,” I denied it, though I knew it would do no good. He chuckled and I blushed, turning away from him with a curse or two.

“What happened to your girlfriend?” I asked, I was curious, I didn’t believe it myself that I was scoping out if he was okay to take or not. Oh God, I wish this wasn’t happening.

“Things just didn’t work out,” he shrugged. I nodded and he explained a little more, “I wanted a relationship. She just wanted sex,” I looked at him. I wanted the same, love. I mean, yeah, I liked Alex but he was just a fuck buddy. When I really needed him, he always ran away.

I nodded, “shame,” I murmured and he fell silent. I cursed again, this time a little louder. This was so goddamn awkward. He looked at me curiously and I shook my head, insistent that it was nothing. Of course it was – it was everything.


“Yeah,” of course bloody not and every time he talked I just wanted to lean over and kiss him. My heart rate sky-rocketed and I stood up, moving into the hallway where I relaxed against the wall. He remained watching TV innocently and I hated to say this but, “Kyle... I think. I think you should leave.”

He looked up, with an innocent puppy dog look, “did I do something? Sorry if I did.”

“No,” It’s not you, it’s me. That’s it right? I mean, I’m worried about what I’ll do to you, Kyle...

He stood up and stretched, “I guess I’ll see you around then?”

I ushered him to the front door and stood in the door way, “yeah... yeah you will.” Then I made the dumbest mistake ever. I leant in. I don’t know what I was expecting... but it was such a dumb thing to do.

We stared at each other for a moment and I stepped back and swore. “...Right. So, uh, yeah, I’ll see you around.” He walked off quicker than anything I had seen before. I couldn’t blame him. You fucking idiot Danny!

The End

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