Kyle: I'm StarvingMature

I took a deep breath as I knocked on the Kent’s front door. You might think I’m an asshole for being a bitch to Danny at school but like I’d said to him, I’m just sticking up for myself. ...Yeah, I’m an asshole. But trust me, there’s guys worse than me in that place. I guess that was why it came as a shock when he said people were scared of me.  I mean, I’ve never even beaten anyone up. Why would they be scared of me?

“It’s you” Danny said as he opened the door. The guy looked like he’d been crying for about a week.

“You okay, man?” I asked with a concerned expression.

"Yeah, my life is practically ruined. I'm fine," he looked outside at something. "Come in then,"

"I meant it earlier. I'm sorry" I said as I walked inside.

"Yeah, yeah. I know. I don't see why you don't stand up and be yourself... Want a drink?"

I nodded and he grabbed a couple beers before ushering me upstairs to his room. I flopped on his bed once we were up there and gulped back some of my beer.

"So why don't you stand up to them? I've done nothing to you, it's not fair!"

"Stand up to who?" I asked, wondering if maybe he did know about the worst in school.

"Those 'friends' of yours, why don't you just do what you want to?"

I smiled. He didn’t know, then. "It's not them you need to worry about"

"Then what do I need to worry about?

"It might not seem like it but me and the boys... We're looking out for you"


"Granted they don't exactly know that but I'll take what I get"

"How can that be looking out for me?"

"We give you hell and the real assholes leave you alone"

"I guess. So what do I actually need to worry about? You never said," he asked, drinking some of his beer.

"Josh Quinn"


"He's a Senior. And he's been a dick for as long as I can remember"

"I'll keep it in mind... thank you."

"Anyway, that's not why I came round"


I looked up and smiled. "I wanted to hear you play again"

"Hear me play, really?" he asked, blushing slightly.

I nodded. Is it wrong that he looked kind of cute?

"Uhh... sure," he picked up his violin, putting down his beer.

I sat up a bit and he started playing, a smile spread across his face. I watched him kind of curiously. The guy seemed to light up when he was playing. It was kind of nice to see him like this instead of all angsty with me.

He stopped playing and blushed. "I've never really played for anyone before... was it okay?"

"It was awesome" I smiled.

"Thanks, you are alright after all."

"Thanks" I laughed.

He sat down next to me and played with the bow of his violin nervously.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah..." he looked up at me for a brief second then back to the floor with bright red on his cheeks.

I chuckled. "What?"

"I-I don't know, it's nothing... I uh- I didn't take you for the sort of guy that likes Violin."

"Can't say I've ever listened to it before"

"Y-you like it?"

"What I've heard from you, yeah" I said with a smile.

"Well I-I'd be happy to play for you anytime," he smiled back.

I hummed and flopped back on the bed again, making him laugh.

"Just uh- make yourself at home,"

“Your bed's comfier than mine"

"Heh, thanks." He said, still blushing and I chuckled. "What?”


He looked at me with a dumb smile, "me?"

"Yeah. You're blushing"

"I-I am? Oh..." he looked away and I laughed a little.

"You're weird"

"Am not!"

"I never said weird was a bad thing"

"So, I'm a good weird?"


"Enough about me do you have a girlfriend or anything?" He murmured curiously.

"I did. Why? Got the hots for me or something?" I asked, winking.

"Uhh, you're cute, look good but no. You wish."

"I'm cute?"

"Uh no! I didn't mean that! I mean, a girl must..." He groaned, holding his head in his hands. "That came out wrong."

I smiled but got nothing in return.

“What’ve you got to eat here? I’m starving”

The End

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