Danny: Dinner Room MannersMature

I stormed around for a few hours until I finally decided to head back home. I didn’t get lost; I remembered every step I took. When I got home I stormed straight into my bedroom, I just had a feeling I had ruined my first day at school before it even began. I couldn’t sleep that night either, just constant small things kept annoying me.

When my alarm rang out I was already up and dressed. I switched it off and headed downstairs. My dad was already out and I never talked to my mum. She always seemed to be on the phone to someone else anyway. I wrote a note for her to get me a new mobile and went off to school. It was a slow, arduous walk. When I got there I went to admin. They gave me a timetable and my locker number. Just so happened that locker was near Kyle’s meeting place. Crap.

"Oh, hey Kyle," I smiled falsely, I knew what would happen if I didn’t defend myself now. I had to lay my foundations right now.

He turned to the group of people gathered around him, "Did you guys hear something?" They all shook their heads and I kept smiling.

"Oh, well, I just wanted to say. I had a wonderful time last night. We'll do it again sometime right?"

He smirked, "In your dreams, faggot." He reminded me of my father. It was so hard not to attack him right there and then.

"Oh you wish," I winked, biting my lip slightly as I walked off, acting as though I remembered his intimate touch.

The whole day consisted of much the same thing; they all whispered behind my back and what was worse was I had lessons with him. I was even sat next to him in Maths where he constantly slapped me round the head when the teacher turned, making me emit a low growl.

On the way home, Kyle walked alone. Perfect. "Kyle, hello," I smiled.


"What the fuck was that all about? Don't think I don't know what you were saying to your friends. And slapping me around the head in Maths? What the fuck, man?"

He shrugged, "That's how things work, man"

"How things work? So you're the fucking class bully. Marvellous. So much for meeting 'the right people.'"

"I never said I was the right person to be meeting, did I? Anyway, it's kill or be killed in that place. I'm just standing up for myself."

"And you better hope I don't fight back, prick."

"Tough guy, huh? I like that"

"Humph. Well mum asked me to invite you and your parents over for dinner tonight. I suppose you'll be civil to me there?"

"Of course I will, fag boy,” he grinned.

I glared at him, "Don't push your luck,” I continued walking until his irritable voice cut through me again.

"Oh c'mon, it can be your nickname."

"Are you kidding?"


I pushed him up against the lamp post, snarling. "I did not move here and have my life destroyed to be attacked by a worthless idiot like you." I threatened.

He held up his hands defensively. "Who said I was attacking you?"

"I know what you'll do. You and your 'friends.' Back off!"

"Kinda looks like it's you that needs to back off."

"Don't cross me," I warned before letting go of his collar, walking back to my house.

He called to me, "See you later, yeah?" But I flipped him the finger as I opened my door, allowing myself inside.

There was a loud knock at the door. I was wearing my formal, which was a pair of skinnies with shirt and tie. I opened the door and Kyle smiled, “hey!”

I ignored him blatantly, “Good evening Mr and Mrs Thomas, may I take your coats?” I took them, hung them up and closed the door behind them. Kyle frowned. “The dining room is just through there, I’d be happy to get you any drinks while you wait?”

“I’ll have a beer.” Kyle announced, shortly followed by his father.

“No, he won’t. We’ll all have water.” His father looked sternly at him and I snickered.

I disappeared into the kitchen where I got the glasses, poured the water from bottles in the fridge and came back, “here’s your water instead,” I smiled.

“Okay,” he smiled back. I couldn’t tell if it was his real smile or not. He was so fake I couldn’t tell.

My mum appeared downstairs and greeted his ‘rents. As they walked into the dining room I slowed beside Kyle, “while they drink after I’m meant to entertain you. I’ll get you a beer then, ‘kay?” I wasn’t being nice. I thought the alcohol might tame him a little, give him a better attitude.


I was sat next to him at the dinner table, and eventually the question came up. “Oh, did you have a good first day?” I glanced at Kyle angrily; he looked down at his food and ignored me.

"Yeah, Kyle helped me get to class, he was a real help. Made my first day a lot better," I smiled; whatever it was that was going on was between me and Kyle.

He chuckled a little and I stabbed my fork into his leg, "Ow, what was that for?” He wailed.

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked. He glared at me and I grinned back. He kicked my leg, I stamped on his foot.

He clenched his jaw and dropped his fork, mumbling an apology he bent down to pick it up, but not after jabbing me in the leg first. I poked his side and he let out a little giggle which made the whole room look at him in disgust. “I’m sorry,” my mum mumbled through clenched teeth, “what’s funny about children in poverty?”

He blushed, “Sorry, I was laughing at something else.”

“Care to share?”

Before he could answer I cut in, “No, it’s okay mum. I’ll take him upstairs.” I got up, pushed my chair under then ushered him out of his hurriedly. As soon as we were in my room I slammed the door behind him and he smirked.

“Should I be worried?”

“What?” I asked my face pale with rage.

He laughed, “You look funny like that,” I sighed.

“Look, what is your problem with me?”

“I don’t have a problem with you,” he smiled.

“Then why all the jokes and sneers?” He shrugged, “You must have a reason,” I demanded.

"I don't know. I'm bored, got anything to do?"

"I have films, games, books or music, take your pick," I sighed, sitting down on my bed. "I really don't care," I banged my head against the wall and followed him closely.

“Whatever, man. You’re supposed to be entertaining me,” I glared at him.

“I’m not in the mood to entertain a stubborn dick like you,” he gave me a look of sickeningly sweet puppy dog eyes and I sighed again. “"No, I don't see why I should." I picked up my violin and examined it; it was in good condition considering the long flight. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"’Cause I'm your guest and you love me?"

"Hah, I don't love you, if I did, you'd know about it and I've never been a good host,” I explained and as he flopped on my bed I made a ‘humph’ sound before beginning to play. It was for my benefit, not his. He just happened to be in the room at the time.

I was a little rusty, but as I became used to the feel I got faster, the notes flowing through my fingers with ease. I closed my eyes and imagined the music there and more importantly. Alex. I smiled as the first bit ended, then when I opened my eyes I realised he was still in the room. I blushed, "I forgot you were there."

“You’re good.”

“Uhh, thanks.” He smiled and after that, I genuinely smiled back. I don’t think I could put up with Kyle. I could tell he’d be the death of me.

The End

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