Kyle: Valuable AmmunitionMature

“Kyle, honey, it’s time to go meet the new neighbours” my mom called up from the hall.

I let out a sigh and trudged downstairs. Why did I have to go? I had all the friends I needed. I glanced at my white-blonde hair in the mirror, deciding it looked good enough for some newbie and walked over to the neighbour’s house with my folks.

I didn’t really pay attention when they said hi to the people that owned the place. I couldn’t have told you their names if my life depended on it. I stood there, uninterested in it all when I heard someone coming down the stairs. I looked round and saw a guy, about my age, stood there in just his jeans.


"And who the hell are you?" He murmured, vaguely looking at me.

"Kyle Thomas. I live next door" I said with a smile and he smiled back weakly.

"Danny Kent, I live in this crap-hole"

I shrugged. "The place isn't so bad"

"I'm yet to see it," he snapped, leaning against the wall and watching me carefully.

"You just need to meet the right people, man" I chuckled.

"Of course, And what about you? Why are you here?" he asked, eying me from head to toe.

"Came with the 'rents to say hi"

"Hello. Happy?"

I watched him for a bit as he went into the kitchen, coming back with a drink.

"You still here?" he asked.

"You're kinda weird"


"You're kinda weird"

"No. I heard. What do you mean?" he sighed irritably.

"I don't know, you just seem different"

"Because I'm not from here. I don't want to be. I want to be at home with the pe... people I love. That different enough for you?"

"I guess. That's not it but it'll do for now" I smiled. "Want me to show you around?"


"Yeah. There's more here than just this house, y'know?"

"Fine. Let me get dressed then."

He disappeared upstairs and I waited for him. He came back after a while, fully dressed.

"Come on then."

I smiled as we walked.


Nothing. It's just nice to see a new face in town"

"Yeah, I guess."

"So, whereabouts d'you wanna go first?"

"I've never been here before, genius. I dunno. Somewhere I can hide away?"

I nodded. "C'mon then"

He followed silently behind me.

"You don't talk much, do you?"

"Nothing to say. I don't know you."

I stopped walking and turned to face him. "Well then, we better change that"

He tilted his head slightly. "Hmm?"

"Hi, I'm Kyle" I smiled.

"I know that."

"You're not very good at this, are you?" I chuckled.

"I'm Daniel, my friends used to call me Clarke."

"Like Superman?"


"Nice, man"

"Sure, sure."

"So, what do you do for fun?"

"I play music, read, I didn't used to have a lot of time alone though..." he paused, "I was very busy at school."

"What do you play?"


"Wow. Wasn't expecting that"

"You were expecting guitar or something like that right? Yeah. I guessed."

I hummed a little. There was definitely something different about this guy.

"Okay fine. My favourite colour's green. I come from Australia. I used to surf and wait tables. I'm gay and I don't want to be here. Do with that information what you want." he snarled, pacing off down the street.

Oh, so that’s what was different about him. Boy, he’d have fun at school. With a chuckle, I set off back home. Sure, I should probably have gone after him and made sure he didn’t get lost or anything but c’mon, that was valuable ammunition.

The End

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