Filling the Blanks


Reading. Reading was usually something that calmed me. But today, no such luck. Sighing, I put my book to one side and sat, cross legged, on top of my bed. I took a deep breath and concentrated. The room dissolved into a whirlwind of brilliant and vivid colours, before morphing into the top of Mount Everest, which dissolved into a skyscraper in New York, then the Eiffel Tower, then Camden Market in London, before melting back into the familiar poster-covered walls of my bedroom. I felt a slight chill go down my spine.

I pictured a generic boy, my age, dark hair and normal features. A second later, the same boy had materialised in the centre of my room. As calmly as I could, I walked up to him. I put my hand up to touch him, feeling a light electric tingle where we touched, but nothing more. Focusing harder, he seemed to solidify under my touch and suddenly there was an emotionless, inert boy in my room. Shaken, I dismissed the image in my head and he vanished.

I returned to my original position on my bed, just as my phone buzzed on the bedside  table. I was tempted to leave it, wanting to explore more of these powers I seemed to have gained in the hours I'd forgotten the night before, but I figured the distraction would be good.

Come to the park, theres a group of us. Its important. Z x

It was from someone down the road. We'd spoken a few times.

"Ah well, can't do any harm." I muttered to myself, shoving the phone in my pocket. The park was just a block away. I pulled on my usual attire of skinny jeans, a green tank top and a slim-fit black hoodie and left the combat boots unlaced. On a whim, I grabbed my purse and spare key too. Might go shopping a bit later-I feel like some new CDs..

I made it to the park five minutes later. There was a group of kids roughly the same age as me, as I had been promised.

"Lorna!" A couple of them shouted a greeting and I raised a hand in reply.

"Well that solves half the problem." A pretty blonde I knew by sight as Zana piped up.

We all looked at her quizzically.

"The girl I saw in the vision earlier...she's just joined us."

This caused a stir amongst the group as they all turned to regard me. I felt like a sudden spotlight had been trained on me.

"Someone explain whats been going on please?" My voice came out slightly higher than normal. I listened closely as they revealed what had happened and what they had learned. A couple of them showed what they could do.

"So...what about you?" Nick said, letting the fire fade from his hands.

My thoughts flashed on the illusions I had been creating. I smiled slightly, conjuring the same sequence of backdrops as before, after their initial shock, they all grinned, enjoying the slide show.

"I think my power is illusions. I can trick any mind into thinking that its seeing, hearing or touching something that isn't there, just by concentrating on an image in a particular way." I explained shyly.

Zane caught my eye, he gave me a small smile before saying "Thats a pretty interesting power to have there."

I felt myself blush and shrugged in reply.

"So...whats this meeting about?" I asked, attempting to divert attention away from me.

The End

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