Don't wait up


I had no idea what to do. Zane was still in there, and Aldric had gone after him. I had to help them, but, if I leave them too, the girls would follow me. I can't put them in that kind of danger. Heck, who am I kidding? Maybe Zana was suddenly some kind of super warrior and she'd be able to take that nutjob with one punch.

The smart thing to do would be to run. We didn't know who they were, how strong they were or what they were. The fact that I don't even know that about myself anymore  doesn't say a whole lot, either.

I clenched my fists, only able to hope that nothing burned in the process. "Zana, Kristen," I turned to each in turn as I spoke, making sure they were paying attention. They stared at me, waiting for me to continue. Even I wasn't entirely sure if I should be saying this, but "Don't go home. I don't think it's safe."

I turned racing toward the building, feeling a strange tingle course through my veins. I grabbed one of the slim boards still laying on the ground, the tip erupting into flames as I held it up. I hadn't exactly planned for that to happen, but I wasn't complaining either. "Wait for us in the park, near that statue. If we don't make it there in an hour, don't wait up."

Well, I should have known it wouldn't be that simple. "And where do you think you're going?" Kristen yelled.

"Zane and Aldric are still in there!" I yelled back.

"They can take care of themselves!" she countered.

But my mind was already made up. I just gave her a cocky smile and a wink. "Think I'm a weakling, huh? Just go to the park. I'll be fine. We all will. I promise."

I really wished I had some way to keep them from following me, but I'd wasted to much time as it was. I turned to make my way back toward the room where the computer had been, yelling over my shoulder. "Be careful!"

Now that I was out of view, the big macho show was over. I was scared completely out of my wits, and didn't even know how to control my power. I could just as easily roasted that crazy hypnotist as burn off Aldric's eyebrows. That's what the wood had been for. Without it, I'd have been completely unarmed.

When I saw the gaping hole where the computer locked door used to have been, I figured I was probably on the right track.

And I was. Aldric was just around the corner, apparently staring as Zane and the crazy hypnotist fought, bolts of energy flying through the air so fast that I couldn't tell who was sending them and who was being hit.

That's when Aldric started doing.. something. I'm really not sure. But there was a strange light forming in his hands and he seemed to be concentrating really hard. And then the orb was flying, straight for the man, right as he looked up, too late to move out of the way. The ball nailed him in the gut, an explosion of light filled the room. It was hot, so hot, but that same tingle I'd felt in my veins before came back with a vengeance, surging through every vein in my body.

As the light faded, at first I could only make out three dark lumps. That'd be Aldric to my right, the man in front of me, and Zane to the left of him. As the light finally fell back to its normal level, I could make out Zane shielding his eyes and the stunned look on Aldric's face, but mostly I was looking at the man, slumped against the wall, unmoving.

Zane jumped on him, either thinking the man was just acting or seriously about to keep beating him when he was unconscious or dead, when his fingertips started to turn transparent. The transparency continued to snake it's way up his arm, to his torso, and eventually his entire body was fading away. Then, gone, without so much as a trace.

Stunned, I turned to stare at Aldric. "Did... you do that?"

The End

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