Unreal Reality


The wind whipped against my face, causing my broze, curly hair to fly around my head like a short veil. The street blurred beneath me as I distanced myself from the place that Zane had just saved us from. I looked around, trying to find him amongst the rest of our group. But I only counted three heads. Nick, Kristen, Zana... where was Zane?

"Damn it!" I exclaimed, and then I swore.

"What is it?" demanded Nick as he slowed down with me.

"Zane! He's still back there!" I spun on my heels and ran back, their voices calling me back. I ignored the beckonings, the crying of disapproval. I wanted to run, run far away from the god-forsaken torturous place, but something inside me was tugging at me.


It settled in the pit of my stomach like a knotted wad of rope, sitting there with loose ends. I had to tie those loose ends. Otherwise this horrible sensation would forever haunt me, a ghost of my past that would appear behind my eyelids whenever I tried to sleep. I ran as fast as I could, and every time I blinked, a bright flash of lightning exploded across my vision, reminding me of his dangerous feat of saving us for the sake of his own life.

He jeopordized his chances of freely walking away so that he could rescue us from the cruel hands of whoever had tied us down on those tables, where we had been experimented on. I was not leaving him there.

I burst through the first set of doors and ran through the next. The computer screen flickered as I said my name, and it didn't move the doors. They were locked from the inside! I rubbed my hands together, and began smacking furiously on the metal door. Nothing happened. I screamed, and my eyes closed instinctively. When I opened them, I realized something new, something out of place about myself.

I felt something inside me changing, flourishing like a flower bud in springtime. An ambient aura flickered to life around me, the bright blue tendrils curling around me like they were alive. I touched the door, and the whole thing lit up, gold sparks reeling off the rusty obstacle. It creaked, and the golden sparkles illuminated the whole thing, shattering it into millions of tiny pieces. I trudged through the empty doorway and stepped right into the room.

Zane was sitting on a chair, transfixed on the golden pendulum that the man swung rhythmically back and forth. I channeled all of my power into my palms, and an orb of light coalesced into my hand. I hurled it forward, watching it sail through the air and feeling the physical toll upon myself. The magical sphere exploded on impact, enveloping the hypnotist and sending him flying into the far wall.

I ran over to Zane, waving my hands in front of his face. He stared blankly ahead, as if I was a piece of glass-- transparant and insignificant. The hypnotist stood from his spot among the rubble I'd caused, and he walked slowly and deliberately towards me and Zane's seemingly lifeless corpse. I clapped my hands, and a wave of energy burst out of my body, washing over the room and causing more pandemonium as the shockwave of magic sent the man flying once more.

He stood up, not even dazed, and walked forward again. He was invincible. Nothing could touch him.

Or so I thought.

I closed my eyes, letting my mind go blank in a final effort to rid myself of this horrible, impossible reality. When I opened them, there was a flicker of something else, a voice that called out to me. I closed my eyes again and stood from my crouching position, focusing on slipping out of reality into the safe borders of my own mind. I was being hypnotized. He wasn't invincible! Everything I'd done had harmed him, and he was trapping me in a hypnotizing fantasy where he was impossible to defeat! I opened my eyes again, but to now avail.

I slammed them shut for the last time, and when I opened them, I saw the real world. Zane wasn't tied in a chair! He wasn't even hypnotized! He and the hypnotist were brawling in a spectacle of lightning bolts and waves of distorted air. The hypnotist was keeping me at bay so I couldn't change the tide of battle!

But he didn't know that I was no longer hypnotized. I could help Zane! I conjured up all my power, and released it, sending a wave of magic rocketing toward the hypnotist...

The End

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