Pretty Colours



I never noticed how beautiful everything is until now. Not that I'd say something like that out loud. Ever.

Everything is so... green. Even the wind that stirs the treetops looks green. A bright, sparkling, bubbly green, the taste of which remains long on the tonuge.

Now I sound like a poet. If I didn't look so good, I swear I'd be the least popular guy for miles.

I'm just looking around, walking head down, hands in pockets, walking through the park by the abandoned shed. Minding my own business, you could say.

So I'm not expecting anything out of the ordinary.

But that's still what I get.

Jesus! What the hell was that? I think, turning round quickly. A bright red light flashed right inside my head, splitting my skull. It's still there, throbbing behind my eyes. I blink quickly, trying to clear my head, but it's no use.

What's wrong with me?

In an instant, the door inside my head that I forced myself to lock comes crashing open. Memories, feelings, everything I've been trying to hide. Jesus, it's not even halfway through the day yet, and already I've failed!

I can't remember what happened last night. I mean, I know what happened - I stayed at home and studied. That's all there is to it.

But what did I study? It must've been English, judging from the book still open on my floor. But what did I do in English? Was it that essay on literary devices we'd been set last Tuesday?

If it was, I can't remember.

I've been seeing colours. Colours I never saw before.

Colours that shouldn't even exist.

But they're not outside, they're... inside my head, like when you close your eyes and see little blobs of colour through your eyelids. But my eyes are still wide open.

This is seriously not good.

The End

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