I stared at the man, who grinned at us. He held the golden pendulum in his hand, but didn't move it. He stared at me, as if looking into my soul. His face was familiar, almost like he was from a dream or nightmare. 

"Hello, Aldric, Nick, Zana, Kristen...Zane, It's brilliant to see you again especially." He smiled taking a step closer. 

"Do I know you?" I asked trying to recollect who he was.

"Oh yes we know each other, give it time and I guarantee you'll know who I am. AS for the rest of you," he half snarled. "It's time you all take a little nap." I stepped backward quietly as he focused  on the others. I crawled across the dimly lit room towards a steel box on the wall. The man's voice becoming melodic with every smooth sentence. Carefully I looked back towards the others. They all stood there, unmoving. I looked at the door.  I could leave them here, I thought, I could just runaway. No!

I shook my head. I couldn't abandon them, they were connected to what had happened to me. I needed their help. I reached up cautiously placing my hand on the breaker box. Electricity surged into my veins, overloading me with energy. Again the crimson lightning crackled across my skin, writhing and dancing like snakes. The man looked up, but he was too late. I thrust my left hand forward as lightning flew from my palm and slammed into him. He screamed and flew backwards crashing into medical tables and carts. The others just stood there for a moment then shook there heads. Aldric was the first to speak. 

"Let's get out of here. NOW!" The others nodded and quickly followed after him out the door, not seeming to notice me at all. Electricity still covering my arms, I walked over to the man. He was still breathing but appeared to be knocked out. I released my anger and frustration, letting the electricity dissipate. 

"Wrong move!" The man snarled, his eyes suddenly coming to life. His hand clamped around my throat as he slammed me against a wall. "Very good for a brat still learning his abilities, but I have other plans!" Blood trickled from a cut in his forehead adding to his malicious smile. He held up the pendulum and began to swing it slowly back and forth. I struggled, clawed at his hand that held my throat. His voice began to sing song in a harmonic fashion. It was hard for me not to ignore. I slammed my eyes shut and with what little energy I had released electricity in a giant mass around me. The man released me and I slid to the floor. He glared at me before suddenly  disappearing. I coughed for a few moments as my world grew black, I felt agonizingly tired. I went unconscious, unsure if the others would find me dead or alive.


The End

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