Everything had happened so fast. First I'd been in the park, talking to a relatively uncommunicative Zane, then we'd had a group gathering, and now we were starting to uncover the truth about what had happened to us last night. I suddenly had a vision.

A man was standing in front of us, holding a pendulum. He was one of the men who worked here. He began to swing the pendulum, and I found myself eerily transfixed.

"You are feeling very sleepy," he said, and although the words were so cliché, I instantly felt tired. A yawn escaped my throat.

The man smiled. "His voice took on a musical quality. That's it. So very, very sleepy. And as the disc swings from side to side, you continue to feel more and more sleepy. Reality starts to feel like a dream. In fact, this is a dream. And when you wake up, you shall forget it. But for now, just continue to watch the disc and focus on the sound of my voice. What a soporific voice I have."

What a soporific voice he had.

Suddenly the pendulum stopped.

"You are completely and utterly under my power."

I was completely and utterly under his power...

I came back to myself, finding Kristen shaking me urgently.

I remembered the location of the vision. And nearly screamed.

"Er, guys, ... we need to get out of here."

Everyone looked at me strangely.

"Trust me. I think my power's precognition."

"Why do we need to leave?" Zane asked suspiciously.

The man from my vision walked into the room.

"I believe she's referring to me," he said, in a chilling voice.

"Guys, we should go," I said nervously.

"But this man could give us answers," Aldric pointed out reasonably.

"He's going to hypnotise us," I yelped.

"Oh shut up," someone said. "As if we can be hypnotised."

"Oh, don't disregard your friend too fast," the man said. And to my horror, he pulled out the pendulum I had seen in my dream.



The End

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