Please say I'm not the only one


As we walk in I almost feel like throwing up. This place is like a tourcher chamber. There are metal tables all lined up with shakles attached. "Oh, god" Zane whispers. I just stare wide eyed as the group begins to break up into several areas. I find myself at the back where photo's are tacked to the walls in their dozens.

Its not just the amount of photo's that make me shiver its whats on them. "Uh, guys, over here!" I call. Nick and Aldric arrive first followed by Zana and Zane.

"What the hell?" Nick gasp plucking a photo from the wall. "I don't remember this"

"I don't think we were meant to" I whisper looking along the line of photo's. I see sort of stalkish type photo's then photo's of an operation on each of us. I keep going till I find two unfamiliar faces.

"I don't think it was only us four" I whisper. Zana comes over and gasps pointing at one of the photo's instantly.

"I know her. That's Lorna. She lives down the street from me" Zana says shaking her head in shock.

"Thats Edward" Nick says leaning forward from behind me. My breath catches in my throat and I tense. Nick looks down at me with a frown but I keep scanning the photo's.

"We should go get them" Aldric says. Everyone nods but for a second we all just stand there. "I really wish I could remember what happened exactly"

The End

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