My world went black. After Aldric reflected my lightning back at me  I had hit the ground and been knocked unconscious. I mused in my mind as my body lay limp on the park's grass field. What happened to me? How am I know able to control electricity? Who did this to me? 

"Zane? Zane, come on wake up." I felt someone shaking me trying to drag me from the recesses of my mind. Slowly my eyelids fluttered, letting light back in. I blinked a few times and sat up slowly. My head still pulsed from me striking the ground. I looked around. Everyone was standing above me, staring at me. 

"Are you ok?" Aldric questioned, concern pooling in his voice. I glared at him, abruptly standing up.

"I'm fine," I said biting back all the words I truly want to say. Everyone looked at each other, we were all thinking the same thing. What had happened to us? I sighed suddenly tired from previous events. I rubbed my forehead.

"Come on, we need to discuss all this somewhere that everyone's not going to get hurt." Nick said. I knew the perfect place.

"The abandoned photo-house." I suggested. Aldric raised an eyebrow, with remembrance flashing behind his eyes. He pulled  a piece of paper out of his pocket. It looked like a business  card. It had something in ink scrawled on the back. 

"I had this in my pocket when I woke up." He turned the card over and read it. "I'll see what has become of you. Just tell them your name." The girls gave Aldric a funny look, but to me it all made sense. Images flashed through my mind like a movie reel. Faces half covered by masks, doctors masks, hovering around me. I was yelling, and they had struck me in my face. One man had held my face still with his vice like hand. His face seemed so familiar. Then they brought out an.... I grasped for the memory,but it dissipated. 

"I remember..." I said softly. I looked in the direction of the abandoned building. It stood at the far end of the park across the street from the theater. I began to walk it's direction. "

"Zane! What do you remember?" Kristen called out. I turned looking at everybody. Should I tell them? Can I even trust them? I clutched my fist, then released it. If I wanted to find out what happened to me, us, I'd have to...for now. 

"This way," I yelled and began running for the photo-house. "I remember where it happened. 

The End

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