Can't see


"Guys" I call. Everyone ignores me. "Um, guys?"

"What Kristen?" Nick says looking straight past me. What the hell? I feel angry and I almost feel my foot slip below the ground.

"Thats the problem" I hiss clenching my fists. "I can't see myself"

People begin to look round for me all looking and even walking straight through me. Strangely Nick looks the most worried and that gives me a warm glow. Oh, come on, Kristen. He's a ladies guy. "What happened?" Aldric asks calm.

"I got frightened and vanished" I say with a roll of my eyes. "And I think I keep slipping through things and... ZANA!!! Stop walking through me!" As I yell those words I come back into view.... although. "Please say it's not only me that see's my feet are in the ground"

"No, its not" Nick whispers. I pull at my feet and they pop out causing me to fall back.

"Okay, what the hell is happening?" I turn and look at everyone.... then at Nick whose hands. "Seems not only Zane has something wrong with his hands" I whisper pointing at Nick's hands. He looks down and jumps fire streaming from his hands right at me. I squeal and vanish the fire going through me before I reapear.

"Sorry" Nick says looking a bit panicked.

"No problem" I mumble getting to my feet. "Something tells me this isn't going to only happen to a couple of us"

The End

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