Mistrust and Lightning


I looked past Zana to see others; Kristen, Nick, Aldric. They were all just twenty yards away on an old wooden bench. What were they doing here?

"So why are you here Zane?" Zana question kindly, she was trying to be friends. I looked at her , a hit of annoyance burning in my veins. 

"No reason," I said dryly as I jumped down from the statue. She averted her eyes to the pavement at her feet.   I towered over her by about half a foot, slowly she glanced shyly up at me. Now I knew why all the other guys chased after her at school. Her face was almost perfect. If she had wanted to, she could have been a model. 

"And why are you here?" I asked sharply, remembering the others were near by. Her brow furrowed, as if she were trying to recall something she had forgotten. 

"I don't know, I just wanted to clear my head. I can't remember  las-" She glanced back at the others, confusion flickered in her eyes. "What are they doing here?" She walked towards the others leaving me in the statue wolf's shadow. She joined with the others, they all chatted merrily. I shut my eyes, I didn't need friends, I had myself. I clutched my fists and felt a burning in my chest, a tingling sense. 

"Zane!" Surprised I looked up and unclenched my fists. The burning dissipated as I looked at who called me. Nick motioned me to join the rest of the group that had seated themselves under a large, low hanging oak tree. I walked over cautiously eyeing the group. When I reached the outer edge of the group I stood.

"Sit down," Nick said smiling. I gave him a blank look and sat. Nick continued. "As I was saying no one here seems to remember last night," He looked to me "correct?" I slowly nodded my head. The memory of lightning still fresh in my mind from this morning. 

"This can't be coiencidence." Zana said, Kristen nodded with the same look of concern on her face. "Does anyone remember anything?" I shut my eyes, the memory replayed itself and again my chest began to burn, my hands began to tingle. Thunder crackled over our heads. All of us looked up. Hadn't it been sunny just a moment ago? 

"That's weird." Aldric commented. I stood, whatever they were trying to figure out I could do it on my own. 

"Where you going Zane?" Nick asked. I didn't answer and just kept walking away. "Hey!" Nick grabbed my shoulder. I spun around, my fists clenched. 

"Don't touch me!" I growled as lightning crackled overhead. Nicks eyes widened as Kristen and Zana screamed. "What?!" I shouted feeling my hands tingling again. Nick pointed to my fists. When I looked down I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was just like my dream. Red lightning was crackling from my hands and around my lower arms. The thunder growled, louder than my screams. 

The End

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