Nothing to worry about - Right?


I blinked once. Again. Something was definitely going on with that girl. And three friends, losing their memory of the same night, at the same time... Something like that just couldn't be a coincidence, could it? Maybe Kristen was on to something. Maybe something had happened?

I kicked a rock as I took a seat on a little wooden bench off to the side. I'd called Aldric earlier, and he said he wanted to meet up at the park. It sounded like wherever he was, he didn't want to talk. Which made sense. If I hadn't been half asleep at the time, I wouldn't have just blurted out that I couldn't remember last night either.

Some little kids running around grabbed my attention as they yelled and played, pulling me out of my thoughts. Ok, so maybe I was being a little dramatic. There was an explanation for this, we just had to figure out what it was. It couldn't be that hard, could it? I mean, it was just last night. Surely somebody would be able to figure this whole thing out. Why am I even worried about this? It's not like I forgot a year of my life or anything. It was a couple hours, at most.

My usual smirk settling into place, a cool wind blew through my hair. There was nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. Now if only Aldric would show up already, we could go and do something. After all this worrying over nothing, I wanted to have some fun. Geez, what was I thinking? We'd been abducted and our memories wiped or something?

I pulled out my phone, ready to just call Aldric and ask where he was, when another coincidence made my fingers freeze just over his number. There, standing in front of a statue not so far away, was Zana.

I stood up, making sure that it wasn't just some other girl who happened to look like her. I grinned at my own thoughts. Right. Who else looks like Zana? And she's only 14. Give her another year or two - I stopped short. Why did I feel bad about that? I was just looking, but I felt like I was doing something wrong. Why was that?

That's when I noticed that she seemed to be talking to somebody. The statue? I walked a little closer. No, Zane was sitting next to the statue. Who else was going to show up? Was Lorna about to come waltzing around the trunk of a tree? Was grandma about to come running down the path?


I jumped, turning around. Aldric was coming up from the other side. "There you are squirt, " I called back. He gave me his usual glare, and I just smirked right back. "What took you so long, huh?"

The End

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